7 Ways To Win The Listing Every Time

When it comes to getting the listing there is so much more involved than just sitting and conducting the listing presentation. Your mental state for one, arriving early, research beforehand, pre listing packages etc.  The list can go on and on.. Today I want to share with you 7 Ways to Guarantee you the best shot at securing that listing. Going beyond the presentation.


1). Make sure you are talking to the decision makers.

Often we agree to host a listing presentation only to find out that the significant other, the brother in the Trust and some other party with interest in the listing is not present. This may sound like a no brainer, but your would be surprised at how many times I hear agents telling stories about their new listing they have coming up. When I ask what’s holding it back they tell me the wife needed to discuss everything with her husband. Not having all decision makers in on the presentation puts you at a sever disadvantage. No one can share your enthusiasm and your skill set when it comes to all the things you will do to sell the property than you! What most likely happens is the other decision maker ends up disagreeing with the terms, process and or ideas being shared by the one who was in the presentation. You see the problem here right? ALWAYS MAKE SURE ALL DECISION MAKERS ARE PRESENT.

2). Sell The Power of the Brand.

RE/MAX is a network of over 110,000 agents worldwide. Offices are located all over the world in over 100 countries and a RE/MAx office can be found in virtually every city in America.  Why is this so important? In California alone, nearly 40% of all real estate transacted is done so with buyers and sellers moving in and or away from the community you are trying to sell in. Think of it like this. Mr. Mrs. Smith in order to reach 100% of the buyer you will need global exposure. A company that reaches all ends of the earth. If you are okay with 60% of the buyers and just your local agents knowing the home is for sale then by all means this won’t matter. That’s crazy! Buyers come from all over the world. Foreign investment is at an all time high! Remember Zillow is no available outside the United States. Nobody Sells More Real estate Than RE/MAX creating-a-marketing-plan

3). Having a Specific Marketing Plan.

Sure you have a marketing plan right? But do you have a specific marketing plan for this home? One that represents the specifics it will take to sell this home? In this neighborhood, at this price, for this long using these tools? The more specific you can be the more this will increase the likelihood you’ll get the listing. Shwoing them some three year old marketing plan you outlined in your “Custom” listing presentation will not do anything excepet convince them they should look elsewhere. Think of all that has changed in the market in the last year alone, let alone three years. Always update and make your marketing plan specific to the home you are trying to list! Here is a link to my 19 point marketing plan to get you started.

4). Be On Time

This sounds silly… Right? How many times have you been late to a listing presentation? Did you get the listing? Most likely not! Being on time is 15 minutes early waiting around the corner to arrive 5 minutes early. This is their first impression and being on time says a lot about who they are hiring. No one wants to hire someone who can show up on time. Plan ahead. Plan for obstacle and or things that can make you late. Better to be very early waiting than to be late. The side effect of being late is stress and with stress comes your inability to perform at your best.

5). Be In The Right State Of Mind

Plan out your presentation. How it will flow, the questions you will ask, what questions they will ask. Rehearse your presentation. Do it in front of a mirror, your spouse, friend or mom for that matter. Just get it down in your head. Be specific and make sure you are covering everything. Then allow 1 hour before to just think about the presentation and how it will go, clear your mind and be prepared. Don’t allow other people, drivers, and or calls to distract you thought process. What do you think happens when a car suddenly cuts you off while driving to your listing appointment? You get all upset and yell crazy things, and now your mind is all focused on the the incident and how you feel rather than the presentation you are on your way to do. This hijacks the process and when you arrive you are not ready, you’re trying to shake it off, but your mind has lost touch with the calm collected you. Be calm, don’t allow others to hijack your mind.  The right state of mind can make all the difference in the world. listing_data_shutterstock_147258680

6). Reverse Prospecting

This is the secret formula, the magic sauce. This one marketing tip has won me hundreds if not, thousands of listings. I call this Reverse Prospecting. It’s the single most important piece to your listing presentation and will almost guarantee you the listing if presented right. When talking about how you are going to sell their home. Make sure you cover how important this one thing is. See as REALTORS in California we see through the MLS a few facts. Fact one, at any given time 30% to 40% of the buyers are what we call “Move Up Buyers” (Explain to them what a move up buyer is), Fact two, move up buyers are always looking for home 20% to 30% higher than the home they are currently selling. Now here’s the secret sauce. These buyers can all be found on your MLS. Take the expected listing price of the home you’re trying to list and subtract 20% to 30% from the price and then go in the MLS and print out all the matching listings. here is your target buyer list. She the sellers this list and let them know you will send out a flyer of their property each time one of these homes goes pending. The flyer will feature their home and have this verbiage on it. “Congratulations on getting your current home sold. Perhaps you are interested in moving up? Please take a moment and consider this home for sale as one you might be interested in. It’s available and if you are interested please have your agent contact me. Hand them the flyer and watch. they always say “Wow, that’s pretty cool. This is your unique selling proposition. The one thing you and or your team do that gets homes sold. Let them know you have sold more homes with this process than any other way and that you are surprised that other agents don’t do this. (This always get’s them to hire you)

7). Follow up

If by chance you don’t get the listing and they ask for more time. I am assuming you have worked every objection and as a final result you allow them this extra time to decide. The first thing you do is follow up. Immediately. Once in your car, send them a quick email from your phone thanking them for their time again and confirm your next follow up. Then continue to send them any and all changes in the market. New listings, price reductions, solds, rate increases or drops, and send them tips on preparing their homes for sale. Do this at least every other day.  Staying in touch insures they choose you and not some friend of a friend that will do it all for less.  Speaking os less, that’s a topic for a whole other series of how to get the listing.

I hope this helps you secure your next listing. Please feel free to comment and leave your ideas for ways we can all get better.