Every Door Direct Marketing – Target Marketing from the USPS

EDDM Steps and Presentation

The big frustration with most REALTORS when it comes to postcards and direct mail marketing is they don’t get the response they are hoping for. Meaning tey did not get a listing or a new buyer from the campaign they just sent. The biggest mistake agents make is sending our Just Listed and or Just Sold cards. Their hope is the consumer will see the sold or listed card and immediately respond with a request to sell their home or to assist them in buying their new home. The problem here is consumers don’t pay attention to the mail they receive.

The average consumer in the US receives 3 pieces of junk mail a day. this on top of their real mail averages 5 pieces of mail each day. With today’s technology most bills are paid online. Fewer and fewer mailed bills are sent out and thus mail is not as important as it used to be. Think of how you go through your own mail. Do you respond to the teeth whiting, landscaping, house cleaning, and or automotive ads you get? The answer is most likely NO! However, you can argue that you always read the real estate cards that come. That’s because you’re in the business and you pay attention to your business. Study after study is done each year to measure the effect of consumer response to mail. The good news is direct mail marketing real works.

The best direct mail campaign you can do is to be consistent with your message and the look & design of your printed material. Consistency is the main ingredient here. What’s the one piece of marketing mail you get each month and you immediately recognize it? COSTCO! That’s right Costco does it right. each time their mailer is sent it looks exactly the same, the cover never changes. You instantly recognize this because you see it all the time. The more they continue to send it out the more their market share increase with awareness. The inside content changes but eh cover remains the same to build brand identity. The same should be done when you create a direct mailing campaign.

Do away with changing the home each time you sell one. Stop promoting the new listing. The consumer simply does not pay attention and thus you are wasting your money. Instead create a marketing piece about how you sold another home, or just listed another home. The front should always look the same, same captivating photo, your face and a strong call to action. Better yet use only Call to Action Postcards. These are proven to generate the biggest results. A good example of a strong CTA is Home Values. 

The front is all about Call To Action. Beautiful background home with a strong get your homes value URL CTA. The back is your branding. These cards work so well I can guarantee if you follow the instructions I have outlined below you will generate new listings.

EDDM Explained: The Every Door Direct Mail campaign is the cheapest and most impactful direct mail program on the market. The average card to mail is just $17.4 cents a piece. When  you add the cost to print the cards you are still on average less expensive than any other way. Gone are the sneaking in the back room at the post office with your Bulk Mailer carts and gan sorting the cards by coded numbers only to get told you did it wrong. The process with EDDM is super simple.

First head over to www.usps.com (or go here)

You will need an exact address of the neighborhood you wish to target. Start small, 500 postcards is ideal, affordable and the numbers really work. When you pinpoint the neighborhood the map will show area blocks or subdivisions. The postal service divides neighborhoods into section for easy definition and to create simple targeted campaigns. You can see from the illustration above we have targeted 454 homes in this neighborhood. The cost to mail to these homes will be $79.90. Clicking continue takes you to the check out and set up for mailing the cards. All you have to do is follow the instructions by inputting your information, the date you want them mailed. You can pay online ahead of time or you can pay at the post office. Once your order is complete you will need to print out the pre filled out forms (There will be a total of three) One page is the description of the entire order and mailing instructions. The second page is a receipt and the third page(s) is the bundle pages for your cards. Your cards need to be wrapped into stacks of 50 or 100. They do not need to be exact so feel free to count one stack then stack them side to side and make them even. For our 454 cards you will want 5 bundle sheets wrapped in 4 bundles of 100 each and the last would wrap the final 54 cards. That’s it, head to the post office in the neighborhood you plan to mail to and drop them off. Pay and go.

Here’s the Trick… In order to get rolling with a listing from this campaign you need to do this 10 times over 20 weeks. The same mailers, to the same neighbors over and over again every other week. Starting with 500is good for two [primary reasons. First it’s affordable. Second it’s enough to make the numbers work. In California home ownership turns over on average 7-8% each year. this means in your neighborhood of 500 homes you can expect that as many as 40 residents will move. That equates to 40 potential seller leads. Direct mail when done right should yield a 10-15% response to a strong CTA. This means if done right you should get 4 to 6 sellers interested in using you as their REALTOR.

Frequency + Consistency + Strong Call To Action = RESULTS

In this presentation attached below you can see slide by slide as I walk you through how to effectively create and deliver a strong CTA EDDM campaign. As always, feel free to leave a comment and or reach out to anytime for help with your marketing efforts.