3 Myths In Real Estate That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Real estate marketing in the digital world can be confusing at best. Most agents try everything and anything they read and or hear about to find their way through this social craze and online exploration we call the digital consumer. One thing is for sure. Myths seem to find their way into our business practice nearly every day. I am always surprised when agents tell me they heard this or they heard that about the online marketing world. You might be surprised yourself to learn the 3 biggest Myths I learned about this last year. these very Myths are misleading you down the wrong path and one filled with frustration. No worries. I am here to set you straight and get you on the path to success again.


Whether you are new to digital marketing and just getting started or perhaps you are a seasoned pro, you may have tried a variety of organizational and marketing tasks hoping to arrive at the perfect system that helps put your digital tasks on autopilot to let you do what you do best: SELL! The Front Porch Report is an awesome “Do It For You” marketing system that takes the challenge of understanding the when, how and why out of your daily tasks, I strongly believe agents should empower assistance and or hire marketing platforms that do it for them. Stop wasting money (Which we all know time is money) on tasks below your “Pay Scale”

Myth #1: CRMs don’t work

We know that NAR states that 40-50% of real estate leads come from referrals from people you know or from repeat clients. I’ve implemented plenty of CRM (contact relationship management) systems in my day. I think it is absolutely mandatory you understand and use a digital CRM platform vs. the old system (email, sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, etc.). This is not to say that a handwritten note once in awhile almost always seals the relationship and takes it to another level.  Having said that, the system that you may have selected may not be the best or easiest system to use. It may not be the best for your industry, your mind type.

Fact #1

CRM systems DO WORK if they are well selected and implemented. Today’s CRMs are not the same as even a few years ago. The evolving nature of automated drip campaigns as really elevated the value of CRMS into a must-have in order to NOT let any your leads or referrals sources get lost in your digital ecosystem and automatically helps keep you top of mind while you’re out selling, selling, selling. There are many options to choose from and it’s imperative to find the right CRM for you, the way you work, what reports you want and what workflow processes match the way you manage your day-to-day business. After you pick the right one, to get the value out of the software you selected, you must COMMIT to using it and it alone for all your contact data and communication needs. This paradigm shift can take a good 30 days so make sure you give it the time it needs to be successful and you feel really comfortable with using your new software. Trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed.

Fact #2

In almost all CRM eFarming drip campaign newsletter providers I see the same thing. Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate! Yes you read right. Stop sending your client’s all real estate related material. The occasional market update is fine but everything you send them should not be real estate related. Why companies can’t figure this out is beyond me. Let’s take The Front Porch Report Daily Posts and Weekly Email as an example. We focus on three primary subjects, Home, Health and Wealth. These three topics are proven winners for engagement in the social world of marketing. This means more people will like your posts and click through to the stories if they involve their lifestyle. Nutrition, fitness, recipes, inspiration, travel, good eats, decor, design etc are all hot topics that create engagement with your consumer. Real Estate related stories are advertising. This advertising should be sprinkled in between the articles. When done right. Magic happens. Your sphere grows, and referrals happen.

Myth #2: I’ve tried Facebook and it doesn’t work

I love it when I hear this. There are so many questions I ask following hearing this response. like “what did you try?” and “why do you say it didn’t work?” The responses I hear are typically “I have a Facebook and I post on it but I never get leads from it.” Implementing HOW you can make it work for you takes time and knowledge. The sad part is that as SOON as you think you’ve mastered Facebook for business, it changes. Facebook is one of the fastest evolving advertising platforms around. That’s right, I said advertising. After tasting the sweet fruit of organic and free traffic / visibility / connectivity on Facebook, they have flipped the script and are making businesses pay for reach (not new news / not surprising).

Fact #1

Facebook is simply The single most powerful tool in advertising right now. You can find exactly who you want to target (age, income, homeowner/not), where you want to target them (location, The ability to target and reach your intended audience is beyond amazing and is a marketing professional’s dream come true. Most business owners who want to use Facebook use as a blow horn to say “HEY, COME BUY FROM ME!” You have to understand the nature of today’s performing marketing practices is all about creating compelling value and authentic relationships. Then, you have to understand the Facebook platform and why people are there. They are on Facebook to connect and engage. If you are hitting COLD traffic with COME BUY FROM ME type of messaging, then don’t be surprised when you aren’t getting any clicks / leads. Advertising has evolved and you have to evolve with it or be left behind.

Fact #2

Facebook is the single most important platform you should be using. Think of your Facebook feed as a place to Datamine. This means sit in front of your computer or on your phone and look for opportunity to engage. Each and every opportunity is a chance to build on your relationship and get their commitment to use your services when the time comes.  Take it to another level. Don’t just “Like”, “Comment” or “Share” this engagement. Reach out. Grab a note card from your desk and send them a handwritten note congratulating them on their accomplishment and or event that has just taken place. I call this “eBuffini” them. Birthdays, anniversary’s that’s the easy stuff. Look for job changes, accomplishments, send notes about how a post made you feel good. This is the magic formula to building referrals from social media.

Myth #3: The more websites the better

NAR states that on average 9-10% of real estate leads come from organic searches. I don’t think I’ve talked to an agent/broker that has less than 5 website domain addresses. Many have upwards of 10+ with roughly 5 emails addresses they are managing. They’ve left various firms and joined others or opened their own. There was a time when owning “YourTownHomeForsale” made sense. Not anymore. Where is the consumer looking for homes? ZILLOW with 80+ million visitors a month. We only sell 5 million homes a year and yet 80 million visitors monthly are searching. That’s a lot of dead leads…

Fact #1

More is not always better! Google is one really smart search engine. He’s getting smarter every year. Google dominates search with 66% of the search market and when Bing and Yahoo, they collectively make up 32% of the search market. You might be operating off of old SEO (search engine optimization) information when you think that more domains are better. Google releases 2+ algorithm updates a year. He knows which websites are trying to game the SEO system to reach higher organic (free) SERP (search engine results page) rankings and dings them for it. Google local is a whole other animal and there are professionals and software system specifically dedicated to helping users get found in the Google local pack in the top right corner. Submitting your business to Google as a REALTOR with RE/MAX Gold is a sure way to get noticed and indexed fast.

Fact #2

Your name as a domain website is probably the most important website you can own. And really the only one you need to own. Unless you are a SEO wiz and creating website landing pages sound fun to you. Stick with your name. You might be surprised how easy it is to get your name as a domain. Even if you have a very common name. jim Smith. Instead of trying to get jimsmith.com which will not be available. try Jim-Smtih-Real-Estate.com Use hyphens to seperate the words. This really helps when people are searching for you. Consumers no longer call phone numbers. they search fro you on Google. The Google the address. Finding you is your end result. Think of how you type in to find someone online. You don’t type in jimsmith, you type Jim Smith. You use spaces. Hyphens tell Google and other search engines “Space” This creates more accurate searches.  Try it and watch your business grow.

Hopefully these three tips will clear up some misguidance you have received over the last year. I still strongly recommend you work towards having this whole marketing stuff done for you. Front Porch report does it for you for $100/monthly. Try it today.

Advertising Real Estate On Instagram… A Must Do!


The face of real estate advertising has changed drastically over the past few decades. The marketing mix now tilts digital, and real estate professionals must be ever-vigilant about coming up with relevant, innovative ways to reach potential clients.

Millennials – those individuals born between 1982 and 2004 – make up a large portion of the home buying population and their share is growing each year. These young adults represented 32% of the market as of 2015. At the same time, the median age of real estate agents is 57. The disconnect that is created by this age gap has caused a challenge for real estate professionals who are attempting to strengthen their target marketing to Millennials. Expanding your advertising campaign to Instagram can bridge that gap and significantly increase your business’s exposure to this increasingly important demographic.



This social media community was launched in 2010, and in the short span of its existence has garnered over 400 million users worldwide. The premise is simple – users can follow each other, and by doing so they can see photos and videos posted by those in their feed. If a user posts publicly rather than privately, you can see their content regardless of whether you’re a follower.

How can you, as a real estate professional – whether broker, agent, stager, or loan officer – leverage the power of this popular platform to get exposure for your business? Instagram recently made this infinitely easier. It used to be that advertising had to be purchased through personal interaction with an Instagram representative. This meant that only companies with enormous budgets could afford to market there. Fortunately, with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram advertisers have many more options.


In November 2015 Instagram launched a public API (application program interface), which allows users to customize their experience – including purchasing ads. Now you can get your company name out there in front of a targeted audience through the use of hashtags and location-specific marketing.

Instagram offers the option of photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads (posts that allow users to flip through multiple photos). You can embed links to your website and enable users to download your mobile app. This option opens up a whole new world of possibilities – you can post your current listings (high quality collages have proven successful for a number of real estate firms), share your company’s story through visual moments (creating a personal connection with potential clients), and encourage users to click through to the valuable content on your website.


Does it work? Ask Poshmark, the online portal for buying and selling gently used women’s fashions – they’ve seen an 85% increase in their campaign objective. Canadian firm Bench Accounting has experienced 12.5% increased click-through rates through their use of Instagram advertising. Even brands that are already prominent are seeing the benefits of reaching Millennials through Instagram – Philadelphia cream cheese alone has seen a 41% rise in sales. That’s a significant result no matter what business you’re in.

Zillow Group Partners With Facebook-Gives Listing Agents A Boost!


Zillow Group recently announced the launch of two new products for its Premier Agents, Premier Agent® Direct and Seller Boost. Premier Agent Direct uses Zillow Group’s Precision Targeting to connect real estate agents and teams to their advertising audience on Facebook; Seller Boost generates listing leads:

Premier Agent Direct – Premier Agent Direct combines the power of a real estate network with social media, allowing users to expand the targeted audience they advertise to through a simple, easy platform using Zillow Group’s Precision Targeting. This technology identifies home shoppers using Zillow or Trulia and connects with them on Facebook. Agents can feature a specific listing or automatically highlight new listings or recently sold homes.

Premier Agent Direct helps agents more efficiently work their farm area and either extend or eliminate the need for a direct mail campaign by using Precision Targeting to connect with local home shoppers and sellers on a medium they are using every day. Premier Agent Direct is available on mobile and desktop.

Seller Boost – Seller Boost leverages Zillow and Trulia’s audience of potential home sellers to generate listing leads for Premier Agents. The new Seller Boost ads will appear on the home details pages of homes that are not-for-sale and the owner dashboard. Both of these products seamlessly integrate into the Premier Agent App. Seller Boost will be available to a limited group of Premier Agents before the end of the year.

“We have worked incredibly hard this year to create new opportunities for agents to connect with buyers and sellers so they can scale their businesses with greater ease. The new products are the results of those efforts,” says Greg Schwartz, Zillow Group chief business officer. “Through this new publishing platform, we have created a way to significantly increase the agent’s reach to consumers who are in a transaction mindset. With Precision Targeting, we know these people are using Zillow and Trulia, and now there’s a new opportunity to connect with them on Facebook. Coupled with the launch of Seller Boost, these products will help agents connect more effectively and easily with interested buyers and sellers through our growing platform.”

For more information, please visit www.zillow.com.

11 Ways to Promote Social Engagement on Your Facebook Page


Have you noticed a drop in your Facebook engagement?

Wondering how you can better engage with your fans?

Making small changes to what and how you post can help your Facebook updates generate clicks, likes, and comments. In this article, you’ll discover 11 tips for boosting Facebook engagement.

#1: Pose a Question

One of the simplest and most effective ways to kickstart a dialogue with your Facebook fans is to ask them a question. Basically, you’re inviting a response. If fans can relate to the question and you find a way to leverage people’s interests or needs, they’ll find it hard not to answer.


Here are some questions to ask:

  • Specific: What’s your favorite…?
  • Tips: How do you…?
  • Experiences: What’s your favorite moment from experience/memory…?
  • Edgy: Do you think…? (controversial question)
  • Direct: Why do you…?
  • Events: Who is going/Who attended…?
  • Timely: Today is…, so what are you…?

#2: Share Relevant Images

A picture can say a lot more than a text post. A visually striking image can bring the rapid thumb-scroller to a halt. Images have proven time and again to improve engagement, especially when they tell a story or connect with the audience on a personal or emotional level.


According to BuzzSumo, Facebook posts with images see more than double the engagement of basic text posts.

Use relevant, colorful, and high-quality images. If you want to spice up your photos but don’t have Photoshop-level skills, try free tools like Canva and Adobe Spark.

#3: Crowdsource Feedback

People love giving feedback. When you ask for input the right way, your audience will jump on board and be quick to respond. The added benefit is you can uncover opportunities to improve your business and delight your customers.


Imagine the potential boost to customer loyalty (and future engagement) if you make changes to your business based on the input you receive? Give this tactic a try. It’s a much more personal approach than surveys and you can respond to people directly to address their feedback.

#4: Include a Call to Action

The standing rule for any kind of marketing is that if you want your audience to do something, you have to tell them to do it. Use a call to action in every post, whether it’s to prompt a comment, share, opt in, like, RSVP, or any other action.


Always tell your audience what you want them to do to encourage engagement.

#5: Boost Your Best Posts

If you have a Open House or a New Listing, post it to your Facebook page and boost that post. You don’t need to throw hundreds of dollars at it; give it a modest boost of $25 – $50 and target the people in the city you do business in and who like your page and their friends.


You won’t necessarily see thousands of shares, but a boosted post can help get your best content in front of your target audience and spark some engagement. The more people engage, the greater the organic reach to their networks. This tactic can be especially effective with Open Houses and sharing the results with the owners. Often this method is far less expensive than advertising in the newspaper.

#6: Share Industry News and Hot Topics

Even your most loyal fans are interested in more than just your business. Sharing big news from your industry will show your fans that you’re not focused solely on promoting your business; you want to keep them informed about current topics. They’ll appreciate and respond to that.


Curate industry news from a trusted source and ask your fans what they think. Ask people to contribute their thoughts and share the post. I often share resources from other marketing sources in order to ensure our agents have every opportunity to thrive! Sharing news, articles of interest from other trusted sources to your sphere makes you more credible and likable!

#7: Adjust Your Post Frequency

If your Facebook engagement is slipping, it might have something to do with your post frequency. Posting too little (say a few times a week) won’t help you establish relevance with Facebook’s algorithm and you’ll be fighting for space in your audience’s feed.

On the other hand, posting too often can hurt you, too. Facebook tries to show users the most interesting and relevant content from everyone they follow. If you’re posting a half-dozen times each day over a short period, expect a lot of your content to be missed.


To find a sweet spot, try posting a few times each day at the times your fans are most likely to engage. Check out Facebook Insights for specific audience data you can use to target your fans.

#8: Give People a Giggle

We all love a good laugh in our news feed. Lighten the mood for your fans and show them that you have some personality. Don’t overthink it; just do something to give your fans a chuckle. Keep their interests in mind and make sure the humor is relevant to your audience.


obviously make sure no one knows the people or who’s home you are giggling over. We work in one of the best industries for finding things to laugh at. A great source for Bad MLS Photos etc is this awesome Facebook Group “Really Bad MLS Photos” https://www.facebook.com/groups/146553387152 Join the group and prepare for a laugh.

#9: Respond to Everyone

If you receive comments from your fans but fail to respond or acknowledge them, they’ll notice and stop engaging with you. It only takes a few minutes throughout the day to monitor your social activity and make a few quick or witty responses to fans who comment.


Consistent responses make fans feel valued and they’ll be more likely to engage with future posts from your page.

#10: Make an Emotional Connection

If you want to elicit a big response from your fans, publish a post that appeals to your audience on an emotional level. Share content and tell stories that pull at people’s interests, emotions, fears, and even their dislikes. Brand loyalty doesn’t come from a product; it comes from a customer’s joy at experiencing a shared sentiment or finding a solution that works.


Emotion drives loyalty and engagement. It’s why millions of people couldn’t help but share the “Thank You, Mama” P&G commercials, making them the most shared Olympics ad at the time.

#11: Provide Value

Anytime you share or post content to your Facebook page, ask yourself what kind of value you’re providing to your fans. The best way to get their attention is to make sure there’s a takeaway or something in it for them. At the very least, give them a good chuckle. At best,teach people how to do something, inspire them to take action, and add value to their life.


This exhaustive list of ideas should help you fill your calendar with a good mix of content types that are likely to promote engagement among your Facebook followers. Keep your Facebook posts short for maximum effect. The ideal character count is about 50 or fewer.

Also keep in mind that if you want engagement, you need to post and respond to your fans every day. While Front Porch Report is an awesome tool to automate the lifestyle articles for your social network.  Go for the human connection and provide value, and you’ll see your engagement rise.

Was this helpful? If so, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.


APPetite For Success – Summer MEC Series

This is a 7 part series of all the slides used for the APPetite For Success MEC’s with Don McDonald. Please right click and download the ones you wish to review. If you do not have Powerpoint installed on your computer you can download the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer for FREE and watch all these presentations. I hope you enjoy these and as always feel free to post a comment and tell us what tool you are using to grow your business.


PART ONE: Using Cloud CMA as a Home Value Landing Page and Generating Leads


Right click this image to download the presentation

PART TWO: Boosting Your Cloud CMA Post on Facebook


Right click this image to download the presentation

PART THREE: Using Cloud CMA at Your Next Open House

open house

Right click this image to download the presentation

PART FOUR: Getting Your Business On Google

Getting on Google

Right click this image to download the presentation

PART FIVE: Using Tweet Deck to Generate FREE Leads


Right click this image to download the presentation

PART SIX: Using SkySlope to Protect Your _ _ _


Right click this image to download the presentation

PART SEVEN: Sending a Private Message Through Gold Connect


Right click this image to download the presentation


Over 100 Real Estate Slogans And What To Consider When Choosing One

What do all popular brands have in common?

An awesome slogan.

And today, I’m going to help you discover the best real estate slogan for your business.

…whether you’re just starting


…or heading up a huge real estate team

The perfect real estate slogan is here.


The Basic Guidelines To Consider When Crafting Your Slogan:

  1. Identification: Your slogan has to match your brand and your logo. These three things have to work together to help separate you from the crowd.
  2. Memorable: The best slogans last for years and have a musical memorability to them.
  3. Beneficial: Keep it all about your potential clients!  How much do you care about me, Tyler Zey, right now?  Be honest. Probably not that much… You probably just want to know the best way to get a slogan and then leave this website ASAP.  Your clients are the same way.  Keep your slogan all about them and you’ll keep them around longer.
  4. Differentiation: Real estate is a crowded market. Be sure to look at what others are doing around you and then be different from them.

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s talk about actual slogan ideas. The key here is to find something that works for you.

  • The Agent That Works Harder After The Closing Papers Are Signed
  • A Local Expert
  • Your referral is the best compliment I can earn!
  • I’m never too busy for your referrals
  • A Tradition Of [Excellence, Trust, Service]
  • A Cut Above The Rest
  • Selling San Diego
  • Helping New Yorkers Move Since 1983
  • Building Dallas
  • Going Above And Beyond
  • Beautiful LA Homes
  • Helping Clients Get More Home For Less Money
  • Beautiful Places To Live
  • Housing Denver
  • Helping You Find Home
  • Helping You Close For Less
  • Turning Transactions Into Relationships
  • Getting The Most Value For Your Property
  • Committed To Getting The Results You Deserve
  • Don’t List With Me Unless You’re Ready To Sell
  • Don’t Negotiate Your Purchase Alone!
  • Our Relationship Only Starts With Your First Sale
  • Everything I List Turns To Sold
  • Helping You Get More For Your Real Estate
  • Experienced In Saving You Money
  • I’m Here To Serve You
  • For Service Beyond The Sale, Call Me!
  • A Name You Can Trust
  • Great Things Come Out Of All My Transactions
  • Your Dream Home Awaits
  • Where Would You Rather Live?
  • Helping San Diego Find Where To Live
  • Experts In The Local Market
  • Well Research To Help You Succeed
  • Going Above and Beyond To Find Your Next Home
  • Your Concern Is My Priority
  • I’ll Find Your Ideal Home

More Real Estate Tagline & Slogan Ideas:

  • Helping Home Searchers Save Time And Money
  • If You Need To Sell, Call:
  • I’m here to earn your business.
  • If you’re asked so suggest an agent, I hope I’ve earned your referral.
  • Striving To Be The Best
  • In Another Class
  • Bringing Only Professionalism
  • Move Smarter With ______
  • Nobody serves you better
  • Making every transaction go smoothly
  • Turning Dreams Into Reality
  • Doing Everything But The Packing
  • Helping You From Start To Finish
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • The Realtor For You
  • Using My Experience To Help You
  • Nobody Cares More
  • Excellent Agents. Outstanding Results.
  • Own Your Dream Own.
  • Sell For More. Buy For Less.
  • A Track Record That Speaks For Itself
  • Bringing Profits To Your Pockets
  • Real Estate Without The Hassle
  • International Real Estate Excellence
  • I Live For Results
  • Selling Made Easy
  • Selling Results, Not Promises

    Looking for a real estate slogan generator?

    Here’s a list of the best real estate slogan (and tagline) generators, I was able to find:

    1. Real Estate Slogan Generator:  Put your brand or team name into this generator and you’ll get some creative ideas for your next slogan.
    2. Another generator: Didn’t like the first option? This business slogan generator should help spark creativity.


There is a big secret to effective advertising on Facebook. It’s called Dark Posts 


Want to get in on the secret? Here is everything you need to know about Facebook Dark Posts and how you can use them in your marketing strategy.

Why Use Facebook Dark Posts?

So what does this tactic involve and how can you use it for your marketing purposes?

Basically, a Facebook Dark Post is a news feed-style ad that does not appear on your timeline. Essentially, it’s like the Isle de Muerta in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie: it can only be found by those who already know where it is.

With Dark Posts, you can create an ad with a very specific message for an audience and ensure that it will appear on your timeline or their news feed. You can target those who have already liked your page or other new customers, but only those who you target will ever see the ad.

Let’s say you want to promote a open house you are hosting this weekend. Your Facebook followers consist of friends, family, past and current clients, other REALTOR’S, and potential client’s.  You want to inform potential client’s and other REALTOR’s about your open house.

Rather than sending out multiple messages about the open house to everyone, you can use Facebook Dark Posts to target one group at a time. Once you craft your open house ad, you can decide which followers you want to send it to and avoid sending it to people who have no interest in the subject. The ad will not be posted like a status update to your wall, so most of your followers will never even know anything was ever posted.facebookadvertising

This means that your friends, family, perhaps past client’s won’t be bothered with messages about your open house, and this eliminates the constant chatter that most ignore when you simply post everything to all.  those groups who aren’t targeted at all will never see the ads clog up their newsfeeds.

So to sum it up, Dark Posts benefit you because:

  • They help you send your ads to those who are most likely to act on them.
  • They allow for easier A/B testing as you can send several versions of a more general ad to different sectors of your audience and see which one does best.
  • They stop you from overposting and annoying followers, which means fewer unfollows.

So theoretically, you could set up 10 different versions of the same ad, divide your followers into 10 groups and send one version of the ad to each group. Not only will you be able to see which version of the ad does best, but you’ll also avoid overposting. No group will see the other ads, so to them, you’ll have posted one ad when in reality you’ve posted 10.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Let’s see how this is done.


How to Use Dark Posts

Follow these steps to create a Dark Post and get started with Facebook advertising:

  1. Log into your Facebook Ad Manager page and go to the Manage Pages section. Be sure you select the right page.
  2. Use Power Editor to create the ad you like. Make sure you check “This post will only be used as an ad” so you don’t accidentally publish it to your wall. Create the ad you want using clever copy and eye-catching images to get your message across.
  3. Once you’re ready to publish the ad, submit it and preview it to ensure it looks exactly as you want it to.
  4. Now go back to Facebook Ad Manager and create a campaign for each ad. Click “Create Ad” and choose the audience you want. Don’t forget, you will have to pay for these ads.
  5. Now publish it!

Your job is not quite done yet. You still need to monitor your ads and keep them well organized so you can see what is working for you and what isn’t.

When it comes to A/B testing on Facebook, no other type of advertising can compare. Remember though, this is not organic reach, so you will have to do that as well. If everything goes well though, your Facebook Dark Posts will help you choose the best headlines, copy and images for your organic reach ads and make them more effective.

How to Advertise on Facebook and Get Results!

I hear all the time that Facebook and other social outlets are a waste of time. That advertising doesn’t work. That posts on Facebook do nothing for my business etc. I am here to prove you wrong. In this tutorial I will show you how to post an Open House Advertisement and show you the results. I spent $100 over the course of three days on this add and the results were amazing. Read on…


1750_Hazeltiine_Way_Open_House_addThe above screen shot of the results demonstrate how effective an ad on Facebook can be. With my $100 budget spread out over three days Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This ad reached 17,040 consumers. This means 17,040 people saw this as a post on their Facebook feed. The ad also had 1,089 actions. 1024 clicks, 7 new page likes and 48 post likes. (I also had 27 people attend the open house on Sunday and as I surveyed them, the majority saw the ad on Facebook.)

To run this ad in the local papers open house section for the weekend would cost between $150 and $300. My local papers distribution is 17,000 papers delivered daily. this includes the stacks of papers left at stores and in dispensers for sale. 17,000! The population of Fairfield is 127,000. I ran the numbers for the city of Fairfield, CA (Where I live) and according to Facebook. 80+ thousand consumers spend at least 90 minutes a day on Facebook. That’s 63,000 more potential customers than the paper delivers. That’s Amazing Results!!!

How to duplicate these results for your open house ad.

First start by having  professional photos taken of the home. (Do not use your iPhone and take a pic and upload to Facebook). The quality of the photo is a huge part of the success you will get from the post. The home should look inviting and entice consumers to visit the property.


Professional photos are the only way to go. Stop taking your own photos of the homes you are selling. If you lived in the neighborhood would you evaluate the way an agent markets the home? Photos tell the story and demonstrate your willingness to spend money to make money.

Once you have the photo selected you head over to Facebook and post the photo with the open house description.


Once you have uploaded the photo and written your description (inviting the consumer to your open house) You need to select “Boost Post”. You can do this after you publish the post or do it instead. either way works fine.


You must define your audience. This is where you can target your ad to a specific area, group, demographic, etc. Click on “Edit Audience”


Give your audience a name, in this case I defined my audience as 32 to 65 year olds, living within a 25 mile radius of Fairfield, CA. You could also get very specific and define your audience even more. In the “Interests” box you can input specific categories like “Renters”, Home Owners, etc. This way Facebook will only target those individuals who are renting or are home owners etc. It is a great tool to use if you are targeting first time buyers, or perhaps running a home value ad (search “Home Value Ads” on this site to find a similar post about how to effectively run home value ads on Facebook with success.)


Now we need to define our budget and how many days we would like the ad to run. Here I have chosen a budget of $100.00 (You can spend more or you can spend less) and I have chosen to run the ad for three days. Our target reach is 10,000 to 27,000. Why does it say 10,000 to 27,000? As I mentioned earlier Facebook statistics tell us how many consumers are on Facebook. Although Facebook can not predict the future it knows that on any give day over the next three days we will reach a minimum of 10,000 consumers and a maximum of 27,000 with the criteria we have set. I usually get somewhere in between. And as the above ad results indicated we reached 17,040 consumers over our three-day ad period. The final step is to click “Boost”


If you have not already set up a payment method Facebook will walk you through entering your billing information and setting up a Facebook Ads account. Facebook also has rules, terms and conditions for all advertising and you must follow specific guidelines for advertising. Facebook will review all ads prior to them posting so it may take a few minutes to an hour or so before your ad is live. Other resources of interest are Facebook For Business, Marketing On Facebook, Want to really dig deep and learn more about to effectively advertise on Facebook go here and to learn how to measure results go to Facebook Measurement Basics.

You can see real-time results as your ad runs on Facebook. It updates every minute with each click, share, like etc. Once your ad is completed you can view the results.


A smart thing to do is to take a screen shot of your results (Cntrl + Print Screen) and then paste the copied screen shot into an email and send it to your sellers. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate that you are working for them and that marketing their home is important. It’s also a good idea to print some one sheets out that you can share with potential sellers at listing presentations to demonstrate your knowledge in social media advertising and again how this separates you from other agents.

I hope this was helpful and I hope it helps you grow your business. When it comes to Technology, RE/MAX Gold has you covered. Streamline your image with RE/MAX website templates, mobile apps, Design Center for creating marketing materials, social media integration, training and support. Every tech tool is designed to help make your business more efficient and profitable. To find out how a partnership with RE/MAX Gold could take your business to new levels visit www.joinremaxgold.com or message me below, I am happy to meet confidentially and share the many benefits a partnership brings.