Spring Into Action MEC Powerpoint Presentation

Here is the entire Powerpoint Presentation from our 2016 Spring Into Action MEC Events. In this presentation you will find 7 Tips To Winning The Listings Every Time, a 19 Point Marketing Plan, Four For Four – Generating Four Deals a Month, The 2016 Revised RE/MAX Gold Listing Presentation, EDDM Every Door Direct Mailing Tips and more.  Right Click to download and get started building your business.


Leads, Leads, Leads, MEC Event for 1st Quarter – Region Three

Here is the Powerpoint presentation used at the first quarter MEC Event for 2016 Region Three Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Yolo County RE/MAX Gold Agents. Click to download.


5 Tips for Real Estate Photography

I came across this article from a photographer back east sharing her ideas on how to photograph homes for REALTORS. Thought you would enjoy.


With more and more people jumping on the real estate train every day, the market is beginning to get very saturated with realtors. This causes those who want to be successful in the business to offer a higher quality service to those who hire them. One way realtors can do this is by offering professional images of their listings for the Multi List. Not only does it make their service look more professional, but it also helps sell houses more quickly because better pictures online usually means more foot traffic at the listing.5_photo_tips_pic_1

Here are five great ways to help you offer an outstanding product for your clients who are real estate agents.

1. Be Professional

Real Estate is a very professional business, and a Realtor’s image is the product they sell. As a photographer, your job is to be an extension of their image by being on time, looking neat, and offering an outstanding product. That being said, when you go to meet with a Realtor or one of their clients, make sure you are presentable and are dressed in at least business casual attire.5_photo_tips_pic_3

It is also important to note how imperative it is that you are always on time for your Realtor.  On any given day, an agent can be working from seven in the morning all the way to one the following morning with no breaks. If you are going to be more than five minutes late, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS call to let them know. As you build a relationship with agents, they may allow you to go shoot listings on your own. In this case, being on time for the homeowner is still important because you are a reflection of the agent you work for.

2. Do Your Research

Before you start shooting, look on the Multi List in your area and take note of the typical pictures other realtors use for their listings. This will give you an idea of where to start in the home and which images are the most important. I also like to collect our local home owner magazines and go to the book store to get interior decorating magazines for inspiration on how to stage homes.  There are also a myriad of home shows on TLC and HGTV that have helped me in the past too. Over time, you’ll find a style that works for you and your clients, but until then, keep a notebook of clippings to refer to easily when you need a creative boost.

3. Stage the Room before You Shoot

Many people laugh when I tell them I’m a real estate photographer, but they have no idea that the title means so much more than5_photo_tips_pic_2

taking a point-and-shoot to a house and taking pictures. You must take time to go through the home and rearrange things in order to create spacious-looking, well put-together rooms. This means depersonalizing as much as you can. Take pictures down, hide dog bowls, take everything off tops and fronts of dressers and the refrigerator, and hide any traces of kids if possible.

When a potential home-buyer is searching for their future abode on the Multi List, there are a few things that are generally the most
important. You always want to make sure the curb appeal of the house is put on display. If the house isn’t visually appealing from the front, do your best to get a new angle and suggest (to the Realtor, NOT homeowner) that they manicure the lawn, plant some flowers, mulch the beds, et cetera, BEFORE you come to take pictures. Another very important set of images would be that of the master bedroom. Start by turning on all the lights in every room and opening all the curtains. Make sure the bed is made and that there is a minimal amount of things on the night stands and dressers. Usually I like to only leave a couple of books and the alarm clock. If there is a master bathroom, make sure all cabinets are shut and all cords are hidden. Remove the trashcan, toilet paper, tooth brushes and anything else that could be on the sink. Refold any towels that are hanging and will be in sight of your images.

You also want to be sure to get great pictures of the living room/ family room space and maximize the size of the basement/ game room. If the house has any unique features make SURE those are thoroughly covered.

Take note of the lighting and if more is needed, adding a bounce flash can really help.

4. Aim for Great Out of Camera Images

Right now there is a huge trend among realtors to hire professional photographers to do their listings. One of the reasons is because they know that the overall image quality will be far better than if they tried to do it themselves, but the other reason is because they think we are “miracle workers”. I have had realtors ask if I can add bushes and make the brown patches in the yard green before I send them their disc for the listing. While it may create more traffic to the listing initially, people don’t tend to take well to being deceived. My advice is that unless the post-processing work has to do with making the color of the paint on the walls the true color or removing a baby’s sharpie scribbles, don’t touch it. It may endear realtors to you, but in the end it will get you in trouble so it’s not worth it.5_photo_tips_pic_4

5. Give the Realtor a LOT of Images to Choose From

One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting out with Real Estate Photography was to only shoot enough to cover the exact need of the realtor.  She said she needed 18 images so I only sent her my best 18. It worked, but as I got to know my realtors, I learned that they like to have options for each room so they can pick what they feel showcases the home best. I generally like to give homes listed at or below $300,000 about 50 images to pick from and homes whose listing value is above that between 65 and 80. The reason for this is because as the value of the home increases, the realtors need more to really display the selling points of the home.

In the end, the most important thing is to wear a smile and look like you are having fun while sweating and figuring out how to get the best result for each room. In the case of real estate photography, practice can make you better, but with homes there are constant variables and curve balls thrown at you so just go with the flow and do your best.

Three Google tools that can make you a better agent

Connect with clients and increase productivitycrop_Google

Just found this great article on Breakthroughbroker.com You’re probably aware of a few of the many fantastic free features Google offers to its users, but I thought I’d share three of my favorites and explain how they can be particularly useful to real estate professionals. These three tools can help you form better relationships with your clients and allow you to increase your productivity.

Google Forms

A Google form is webpage that you can build for free through Google Docs(more recently known as Google Drive). This webpage allows the page viewer to fill out fields or answer questions online, and the information is then automatically sent to a spreadsheet that you, the page creator, can view. Online surveys, questionnaires, and applications are good examples of items you can build with a Google form.

The fantastic thing about these forms is that they are free, easy to create, and can be used in an endless variety or ways. We’re going to cover two ways you can use them for your real estate business.

Post-Closing Survey

This is one of the best ways to use Google forms. Agents should always be collecting feedback from our customers, both past and present. With a Google form like this one you can survey all your clients as soon as you close.

New Buyer Questionnaire

According to NAR, one of the biggest complaints home buyers have is that they feel like their agent doesn’t listen to their needs. If you were to send your new buyers a questionnaire they will know you are serious about understanding them. This also creates an opportunity for couples to get on the same page by answering important questions together. You can also do the survey with them in person for a more personal experience. Here is an example of a Buyer Needs survey.

If you want to learn how to create Google forms, here is a great step-by-step guide.

Canned Responses

Canned responses are prewritten emails that are easily created within your Gmail account. They can save you a ton of time, and they have some pretty creative uses.

A showing on your listing

Ever wanted to share all of the great features of a listing with the agent who is about to show it, but don’t have a lot of time to put together a well-written email? With Gmail canned responses you can send an email every time you are notified of a showing on one of your listings. It would look like this (click for full size):


The best part of canned responses is that you can create and modify them easily. If you wanted to get fancy you could even embed links to shared online Google documents, links to videos, or pictures related to the home. Encourage the buyer’s agent to share the email with the buyers, thus giving them tools to help them sell your listing.

Note: Canned Responses must be enabled by going to the settings, and then the labs, in Gmail. To learn how to create canned responses check out this post.

Google Calendar

Simply put, I believe Google is leading the pack when it comes to calendars and calendar sharing. Something as simple as an online calendar was a tricky thing to share with other people unless you had an exchange server or some other now-obscure technology. Google calendar lets you easily share calendars with business partners, spouses, or—best yet—your client.

A buyer under contract

When asked about the experience of buying a house, many buyers say they felt they had no idea what was going on throughout the process. Now you can keep them informed with a Google calendar. By loading in all of the dates and deadlines and then sending them the link to the calendar, they will have a real time view of what is happening. With Google calendars you can easily create new calendars and share them with anyone you choose.

If your client has Gmail you simply share the dates and deadlines calendar with their Gmail account and you are done. If they do not have Gmail there are a couple easy steps. Click here for a how-to guide for sharing with non-Gmail users.

Slides from Business Growth and Development Presentation MEC Events


This is the Powerpoint presentation used for the regional MEC Events for Business Growth and Planning. Please note you will need to have Powerpoint Viewer installed to view this presentation. Simply click the image above to start the download.

Breakthrough Broker’s Awesome Breakthrough Success Plan

For those of you looking for a dynamic way to asses your expenses and to figure out jusy how much you need to make in real estate to actually bring home the wage you hope for. this workbook walks you through it all. Simple step by step instructions walk you through the entire process. Once completed you will be on your way to achieving your next years goals!




Business Growth & Development MEC – Business Planning Strategy Workbook

Please download and use this workbook to plan your next year of growth with RE/MAX Gold

Start Planning and Start Earning More…


Not sure how much you need to earn to bring home the wage you want? Use this awesome workbook to find out.


Agent to Agent Referrals… Are you doing it right?

One of the biggest benefits to being a RE/MAX agent is the 100,000+ referral potential! Yes with RE/MAX there are over 100,000 agents worldwide and this can easily translate into referrals for you. I have posted in the past examples of good referral letters you can copy and use in your business. Today I want to share an excellent example of how to solicit for referrals via video interaction. Video is becoming increasingly more popular and accessible and I see agents using it to showcase homes, neighborhoods, community as well as the benefits of using their services. Dwight and Chad Cabalka are using video to solicit referral business.

Dwight & Chad Cabalka Real Esate

Click image to connect to Video Email

In the example above this video email was sent out to Broker/Owners around the world. In each instance the header was customized and directed to the recipient. (Example Header: Hello RE/MAX Sacramento owner-brokers!) they inserted a different town and or city in each email. Pretty easy and yet, very effective.

I teach agents daily to use the “Connect” tool on MainStreet to send agents, managers, owners, and brokers emails asking that they consider you for their next referral. Imagine the business you could build if you simply sent 25 emails a week to 25 different recipients in the 100,000+ database of agents. Your business would grow off the charts. This is simple, low to no cost and you can start doing this today.

Make a difference, leverage the power of the Brand and our 100,000+ associates to build your business.

Awesome Agent to Agent Referral Solicitation Letter

I received this letter from a fellow RE/MAX agent. This is a perfect example of how to write an effective referral solicitation letter. (See letter example below)  First John W. Chang the agent opens with how he will be paying referral fees to specific agents whom have already referred a client to him. This is almost better than a testimonial. Second he ads content related to real estate so I get a laugh and some interesting content I can now share out in social media. And lastly he follows up with the solicitation for referrals and ads all his contact information.


Now I am the first to share with agents the amazing power of the RE/MAX brand and the many benefits of networking with over 100,000 agents in 97 different countries. Imagine the business that will be generated in the coming months and years if John continues to send this type of letter out each day, week or even monthly. The point is, soliciting referrals from our vast network of agents all over the world build business.  Now you don’t have any excuses about growing your business. Use this example letter, and create one you can send out and start building your referral business.


Greetings Don!

I hope you are having a great month of June, closing a lot of deals and meeting a lot of interesting, new clients. This is John Chang of RE/MAX New York City – Manhattan.  June has been a great month for my referral partners. On June 4, 2015, I paid John Vander Meulen of California, $7,500 USD for his referral and tomorrow, I am paying Christian Randolph of Georgia, $40,000 USD for her referral.

Don, I thought these articles would be of interest to you.  The video of Ellen is hilarious btw:

1.      Ellen discusses stupid Real Estate Agents (too funny!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQQD6nDVO5Y
2.     10 of the World’s Most Insanely Luxurious Houses: http://www.oddee.com/item_97098.aspx
3.     The Coolest Views From Luxury NYC Apartments: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sellingny/the-coolest-views-from-luxury-nyc-apartments?b=1   Top 15 Most Popular Real Estate Websites to Market Yourself | June 2015: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/real-estate-websites
4.     3 TED Talks Every Sales Professional Should Watch:http://blog.hubspot.com/sales/ted-talks-sales-pros-should-watch-list
5.     World’s 20 Best Places to Invest in Property: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/investment/10542844/Worlds-20-best-places-to-invest-in-property.html?frame=2777628

So if you have any clients moving to New York City or selling in New York City, please e-mail me or call me jc@remax-nyc.com or 1-917-209-6200.  I look forward to working with you and also referring deals to you and your office.  Let’s keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, as well.

John W. Chang, MBA
Twitter : johnchangremax    Facebook : John Chang      Linkedin : johnchangremax

CEO & Founder

REMAX Chairman’s Club Member

NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker


Cell: 917.209.6200

Tel: 212.229.2999

Fax: 800.418.7553

If you have examples of good client and or agent to agent letters. Let’s see them. Please send them to me and I will share them with all.