How To Effectively Use Social Media Grow your Sphere and Build Referrals


From time to time I get asked about all the various platforms agents can conduct business on and build their sphere. Social Media has quickly become “A Must Use” in real estate if agents are to remain successful and wish to grow their business. The challenge is where to start? which platforms should you use? How often should you post, share, comment, like, wink, send, receive, upload, pass, create, play, email etc… The list is endless when it comes to the many different ways you can engage. The key word here is “Engage”!


Remember, as I have said in previous MEC events. Using Social Media as a way to mine for engagement is the key to success. Finding ways on social platforms to engage is how you should be using social media at all times. It’s important you balance work and play. Sharing your personal information is far more engaging than sharing your work related stuff. Your sphere is more excited about the day your having with friends, sharing food, playing a game, visiting a city etc.,  than they are about your new listing. Go with the 75/25 Rule. 75% of everything you post should be about you, your life, the things you enjoy, your hobbies, special interests, etc. Mix in inspiring quotes, funny posts, a cat or two and BAM! You are going to find people liking your posts over and over. (I am kidding about the alltwitter-social-media-signpost cat or two part). 25% should be about your business. Do not post things like “Just listed, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Roaring Springs subdivision, if you know of someone interested in buying call me” This is boring and will illicit ZERO engagement. Instead post things like ” New listing, Roaring Springs, you have to see this kitchen.. Simply amazing. (Then attach a spectacular photo of the kitchen and link it to the homes single page website). Now you have a strong call to action that will not only find a buyer, but get you noticed since more people are interested in seeing this “Amazing Kitchen” than just buyers looking for homes. Those in your sphere that are not in the market will still click the link and want to see what it is you are so excited about. This drives traffic and when you print your analytical report for the home owners you look like a ROCK STAR!

Finding Ways To Engage: What you should be spending most of your time on Social Media doing is looking for ways to build relationships and get referrals.  You do this by scanning your wall for reasons to reach out to your sphere. Let’s say Janice is in your sphere and you sold her and John a house three years ago. It’s Saturday and Janice just posted a picture of her daughter Alyssa kicking in a field goal for her soccer team. Janice is excited and posts the picture to Facebook with the description “Woot, woot, Alyssa’s first field goal for her soccer team… Go Alyssa” You see this post and like most in Social-Media-EngagementJanice’s sphere you like it, you might even be savvy enough to comment on the post.  However, the real ROCK STAR Agent goes one step further. You pull out a note card, you write a hand written message that reads “Congrats on your first field goal Alyssa, we at RE/MAX are all super proud of your accomplishments” The  you mail it to Janice and Alyssa. Now who do you think Janice cares more, those who liked an commented or the one person who just took time to recognize a special moment in her life? This is what I talk about all the time. You have to spend time finding ways to connect, not just like, share or comment but a reason to send a note, pop by, Buffini them!

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s talk Best Practices. Below is a one sheet you can use as a reference tool for setting up any social media platform as well as a mini guide an how to best use the particular social platform for success. If you have suggestion bring them on. Leave them in the comments box below and happy mining…

Social One Sheets. Right Click and save or print.






Here’s a special one-sheet on Best Practices when it comes to posting.


How to Advertise on Facebook and Get Results!

I hear all the time that Facebook and other social outlets are a waste of time. That advertising doesn’t work. That posts on Facebook do nothing for my business etc. I am here to prove you wrong. In this tutorial I will show you how to post an Open House Advertisement and show you the results. I spent $100 over the course of three days on this add and the results were amazing. Read on…


1750_Hazeltiine_Way_Open_House_addThe above screen shot of the results demonstrate how effective an ad on Facebook can be. With my $100 budget spread out over three days Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This ad reached 17,040 consumers. This means 17,040 people saw this as a post on their Facebook feed. The ad also had 1,089 actions. 1024 clicks, 7 new page likes and 48 post likes. (I also had 27 people attend the open house on Sunday and as I surveyed them, the majority saw the ad on Facebook.)

To run this ad in the local papers open house section for the weekend would cost between $150 and $300. My local papers distribution is 17,000 papers delivered daily. this includes the stacks of papers left at stores and in dispensers for sale. 17,000! The population of Fairfield is 127,000. I ran the numbers for the city of Fairfield, CA (Where I live) and according to Facebook. 80+ thousand consumers spend at least 90 minutes a day on Facebook. That’s 63,000 more potential customers than the paper delivers. That’s Amazing Results!!!

How to duplicate these results for your open house ad.

First start by having  professional photos taken of the home. (Do not use your iPhone and take a pic and upload to Facebook). The quality of the photo is a huge part of the success you will get from the post. The home should look inviting and entice consumers to visit the property.


Professional photos are the only way to go. Stop taking your own photos of the homes you are selling. If you lived in the neighborhood would you evaluate the way an agent markets the home? Photos tell the story and demonstrate your willingness to spend money to make money.

Once you have the photo selected you head over to Facebook and post the photo with the open house description.


Once you have uploaded the photo and written your description (inviting the consumer to your open house) You need to select “Boost Post”. You can do this after you publish the post or do it instead. either way works fine.


You must define your audience. This is where you can target your ad to a specific area, group, demographic, etc. Click on “Edit Audience”


Give your audience a name, in this case I defined my audience as 32 to 65 year olds, living within a 25 mile radius of Fairfield, CA. You could also get very specific and define your audience even more. In the “Interests” box you can input specific categories like “Renters”, Home Owners, etc. This way Facebook will only target those individuals who are renting or are home owners etc. It is a great tool to use if you are targeting first time buyers, or perhaps running a home value ad (search “Home Value Ads” on this site to find a similar post about how to effectively run home value ads on Facebook with success.)


Now we need to define our budget and how many days we would like the ad to run. Here I have chosen a budget of $100.00 (You can spend more or you can spend less) and I have chosen to run the ad for three days. Our target reach is 10,000 to 27,000. Why does it say 10,000 to 27,000? As I mentioned earlier Facebook statistics tell us how many consumers are on Facebook. Although Facebook can not predict the future it knows that on any give day over the next three days we will reach a minimum of 10,000 consumers and a maximum of 27,000 with the criteria we have set. I usually get somewhere in between. And as the above ad results indicated we reached 17,040 consumers over our three-day ad period. The final step is to click “Boost”


If you have not already set up a payment method Facebook will walk you through entering your billing information and setting up a Facebook Ads account. Facebook also has rules, terms and conditions for all advertising and you must follow specific guidelines for advertising. Facebook will review all ads prior to them posting so it may take a few minutes to an hour or so before your ad is live. Other resources of interest are Facebook For Business, Marketing On Facebook, Want to really dig deep and learn more about to effectively advertise on Facebook go here and to learn how to measure results go to Facebook Measurement Basics.

You can see real-time results as your ad runs on Facebook. It updates every minute with each click, share, like etc. Once your ad is completed you can view the results.


A smart thing to do is to take a screen shot of your results (Cntrl + Print Screen) and then paste the copied screen shot into an email and send it to your sellers. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate that you are working for them and that marketing their home is important. It’s also a good idea to print some one sheets out that you can share with potential sellers at listing presentations to demonstrate your knowledge in social media advertising and again how this separates you from other agents.

I hope this was helpful and I hope it helps you grow your business. When it comes to Technology, RE/MAX Gold has you covered. Streamline your image with RE/MAX website templates, mobile apps, Design Center for creating marketing materials, social media integration, training and support. Every tech tool is designed to help make your business more efficient and profitable. To find out how a partnership with RE/MAX Gold could take your business to new levels visit or message me below, I am happy to meet confidentially and share the many benefits a partnership brings.


12 Action Items to Boost Productivity, Results in 2015

Make these commitments to yourself and your business in 2015 and set yourself up for success.

1. Update your RE/MAX profile. This is critical! Make sure users and your colleagues sending referrals through RE/MAX Mainstreet are seeing your most current information. You can update both profiles in one spot on Mainstreet. Click the “Your Account” link that appears at the very top of any Mainstreet page, and then click “Profile.”

2. Update your business plan. If you don’t already have a business plan, make it a top priority. If you do have one, schedule now the dates and times when you’ll review and update it throughout the year.Productivity - Button on White Modern Computer Keyboard.

3. Register for R4 in Las Vegas. It’s the best bang for your buck of any convention you can attend. March 2-5, 2015, thousands of RE/MAX Affiliates will get together to share ideas, referrals and fun. And there are dozens of educational sessions to choose from.Register today!

4. Plan your day, every day. Be sure from day to day you know exactly what you’re going to do the moment your workday starts. Having a set daily schedule keeps you from wasting time on unproductive activities.

5. Revisit your website. Is it in need of an overhaul or maybe just some updates? Make sure content is current, including your contact information. Click through every link on the site (or better yet, delegate this to someone) to make sure visitors aren’t encountering any dead links or obsolete information. If you have a contact form, test it to make sure it’s still working as it should be.

6. Restock your promotional materials. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, yard signs, sign riders and any other personalized and branded items you use regularly. Visit Shop RE/MAX at to browse Approved Suppliers who offer trademark-compliant products.

7. Take time for yourself and your family. Schedule your vacations, and family and personal commitments first, whenever possible. If you’ve given due time and attention to these areas of your life, you’ll be able to focus more on your business when it’s time to work.

8. Take a designation course. Either finish up a designation you’ve started or think about a new direction you might like to take your expertise – new construction, working with seniors, serving military members, specializing in buyer agency. RE/MAX University offers you convenient, 24/7 access to a multitude of designation courses at exclusive pricing.

9. Expand your business. Perhaps it’s the right time to explore opportunities in luxury and commercial real estate. Take time to learn more about The RE/MAX Collection and RE/MAX Commercial.

10. Follow a new source of real estate news. Real estate headlines change rapidly and frequently – just like the real estate industry itself. Staying on top of the latest news can help you get ahead of trends and be a resource for your clients. The RE/MAX Update email you receive Wednesdays is a great start.

11. Read a business book. Ask for recommendations from your colleagues or check the bestseller lists. The right business books can help you stay motivated and give you a new outlook on your business.

12. Consider cause marketing. Consumers continue to prefer brands that support a charity they care about. Make a commitment to a cause you care about and make it part of your business. The Miracle Home and Miracle Property programs for RE/MAX Affiliates, which benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, are fantastic and meaningful turnkey options.

RE/MAX Affiliates may share this article, provided they do not charge for it and this notice is included. All other rights reserved.