RE/MAX Launches Mobile Friendly Online Tools

Agents Receive Free Websites and Lead Management System


December 02, 2015
DENVER – RE/MAX, a global franchisor of real estate brokerage services (NYSE: RMAX), has released new online tools to Affiliates that will provide an enhanced customer experience.  All U.S. agents and brokers will have access to a version of new responsive single page websites and a mobile-friendly lead management system is available in the company owned regions, all at no cost.

“These new tools reflect significant changes in online consumer behavior. Mobile usage of has more than doubled in just two years and it’s important for RE/MAX agents to be accessible to their clients,” said Tim Drouillard, Senior Vice President, Information Technology at RE/MAX, LLC.“Responsive websites and a customer relationship management system (CRM) that are both mobile friendly makes it easier for RE/MAX agents and their clients to get access to the information they need quickly.”

Single page websites created by will provide agents and offices a fresh contemporary design with intuitive functionality. Sites will be pre-populated with agent information, but feature the ability to modify design elements and add personal information, including agent promotional videos, and reviews. Social broadcasting and social prospecting combined with social media platforms provide agents new tools to stay in touch with clients and ultimately build their businesses.

“Adapting to consumer interests, RE/MAX agents will be better equipped to provide a higher level of customer service in a very competitive real estate environment,” Drouillard added.

RE/MAX LeadStreet, the online lead management and CRM system, has also been upgraded to a mobile responsive design. Agents will now be able to interact with their listings, contacts, and leads through their mobile devices and gain the added benefit of consolidating their internet leads into a single online system.

LeadStreet will continue to provide agents with leads from and their single page websites with no referral fees. LeadStreet has supplied RE/MAX agents with over 15 million referral free leads since it was first launched in 2006.

Today’s introduction of responsive websites and innovative LeadStreet enhancements are Phase One of a larger technology initiative being developed by RE/MAX, LLC. In Q1 2016, Phase Two will launch with a newly designed with improved mobile functionality. was the most visited real estate franchise website in the first half of 2015, according to Experian Hitwise Marketing Services data.

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About the RE/MAX Network:
RE/MAX was founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, with an innovative, entrepreneurial culture affording its agents and franchisees the flexibility to operate their businesses with great independence. Over 100,000 agents provide RE/MAX a global reach of nearly 100 countries. When measured by residential transaction sides, nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

RE/MAX, LLC, one of the world’s leading franchisors of real estate brokerage services, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RMCO, LLC, which is controlled and managed by RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:RMAX).

With a passion for the communities in which its agents live and work, RE/MAX is proud to have raised more than $150 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® and other charities.

For more information about RE/MAX, to search home listings or find an agent in your community, please visit  For the latest news about RE/MAX, please visit

RE/MAX Introduces a New Website – Get yours here…

Recently RE/MAX has introduced a new template to their website arsinal. It is super sleek, very “NOW” looking and ready for deployment. If you have never learned how to change your website in as little at 5 minutes then this post is for you. Below I outline the simple step by step instructions for changing your website to this awesome new layout and design

Step One: Log into your LeadStreet account and Click on “Site Builder”site_builder_1Step Two: To see the design and template you are currently using simply click on the “View My Website” link to open your website. site_builder_2

Step Three: Now your site most likely looks like this right now, because this is the default template that is used when you first become a RE/MAX agent. We will be changing this one.

site_builder_3Step Four: That was fast… No not really. This is a peek at what the finished product will look like. Take a moment and really see what this site is all about. It is very easy to navigate, it is responsive (Which means it auto sizes for any device when being viewed), you can change the photo in the background to anything your wish, you can have featured properties right on the home page and so much more… Let’s get started. site_builder_4Step Five: Once you have closed out your website window you will be taken back to the design window. Here you want to click on “Design” to access the template and layout pages. site_builder_5Step Six: While in the “Design” mode, you can scroll through and choose your favorite template. You can click on any template you want. We are choosing Template Number Two for this design. site_builder_6Step Seven: When you click on Template Two you can see it changes to the design we want to work with. site_builder_7Step Eight: You must load the template into your sandbox (The sandbox is an area we use for editing the site before we publish it.)site_builder_8Step Nine: Once you have chosen and loaded your new template design. You will be taken to the screen we use to edit our site and set up how we want the consumer to view and interact with our site. site_builder_9Step Ten:  As you can see from the following screen shots when you hover over a section to edit it turns yellow. This is to highlight the area you are about to edit. For instance in this screen shot you can see we are preparing to edit the text that reside in the photo area of the website.site_builder_10Step Eleven: You would click here to edit the background photo and change it.site_builder_11Step Twelve: You would click in this section to ad a small paragraph or two about you, your site and what you do. Make sure you put “Key Words” in your wording like “Homes For Sale”, “Home Values”, The area you work, that your are a “REALTOR etc. Some sample text might look like this.

“Hello and welcome to my real estate website. I am a REALTOR and serve the Roseville area. I work with buyers and sellers to help them achieve their real estate goals. On my site you can find all homes for sale on the MLS and even get the value of your current home. If you are in the market to buy or sell, give me a call. You make it home… I make it happen!”

site_builder_12Step Thirteen: Use this section to set your featured properties or to set up call to action links. Call to action links are links for home values, buyers reports, school reports, find a home etc. site_builder_13Step Fourteen: Now that we have discovered the primary things we can easily change on our site. Let’s start with Featured Properties. Click on the bottom “Edit” link to get started.site_builder_14


Step Fifteen: Once you have clicked on the “Edit” link you will see a screen for setting up how you want featured properties handled. You can select to have just your listings, you can select to have your office’s listings, the company’s listings or you can choose various offices to be featured. The choice is yours. In our demonstration we will select office listings.site_builder_15


Step Sixteen: Click on “Preview” link to the right side of your screen and you can see how featured properties will be displayed. site_builder_16


Step Seventeen: We can also see our site is looking really good. Now let’s change the wording that sits above the search bar. site_builder_17


Step Eighteen: To change this wording you need to go back to the layout and click “Edit” in the top text section of your site layout. Like this…site_builder_18


Step Nineteen: Once you click “Edit” your screen open to a WYSIWYG screen (WYSWYG stands for “What you see is what you get”) also known as a text editor. In this screen you can type anything you want to be displayed on your site. Remember to keep this very simple. Phrases like ” Welcome Home”, “Find Your Dreams Here” or “Roseville Homes For Sale” . The more words you use the more crowded it will look. site_builder_19


Step Twenty: Once you have typed in what you want it to say. Simply click on the “Submit” link in the bottom of the text box and you are all set.site_builder_20


Step Twenty One: If you want to preview what the new text looks like. Click on the “Preview” link to the right. site_builder_21


Step Twenty Two: You can now see your new text. in our demonstration you see I typed “This is So Awesome!”. site_builder_22


Step Twenty Three: Now let’s choose a different or multiple photos for our background. To do this, click on the section called “Photo” and click “Edit”.site_builder_23


Step Twenty Four: RE/MAX has already given you some photos you can use. You can also upload your own. You just need to make sure the photo is sized exactly 2600 pxl by 1000 pxl. This will allow the photo to be viewed on just about any size screen and still look sharp. Select a photo you like or select multiple photos if you wish for the photos to be displayed randomly and then change as the site is live. site_builder_24


Step Twenty Five: Once you have selected the photo(s) you now need to click “Submit” confirm and close window. site_builder_25


Step Twenty Six: To see the photo change you need to click on “Preview”. As our final step we will now add text to our bio area. site_builder_26Step Twenty Seven: Click on the middle section defined as “Profile” to get started. site_builder_27Step Twenty Eight: This text box looks familiar and works the same as the other one. Here you can put more than just a couple of words. This is your personal message and a brief summary of what you do and the services you provide. Enter your message here: site_builder_28


Step Twenty Nine: Once completed simply click on “Submit” to make your changes to the site.site_builder_29


Step Thirty: Publishing your results. To do this all you need to do is instead of clicking on “Preview” click on “Publish”. This will make your site live. Let’s take a look. site_builder_31Step Thirty One: This is what you should now see with your new site. You will see all the changes you made and this is your new site. Enjoy.site_builder_30


I hope this “Opens Your Eyes” to the many possibilities available with your website. As always, feel free to leave comments, suggestions and please feel free to share this out to all your peeps.