Happy 4th Of July – RE/MAX Branded Facebook Covers

It’s always a good idea to change out your Facebook cover. It brings attention to your profile and generates more likes and connections. A great time to do this is on Holidays. A couple days prior to the Holiday you should change out your cover. After the Holiday change it back or perhaps to a new one as well. 4th Of July, Independance Day is here and below are a few Timeline Covers you can use to change out your Facebook.  It’s simple to do. Instruction on How To Change Out Your Facebook Timeline Cover can be found here

Right Click To Save Image, Then Upload To Your Facebook Page

Right Click To Save Image, Then Upload To Your Facebook Page

Right Click To Save Image, Then Upload To Your Facebook Page

Right Click To Save Image, Then Upload To Your Facebook Page

Right Click To Save Image, Then Upload To Your Facebook Page

3 Myths In Real Estate That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Real estate marketing in the digital world can be confusing at best. Most agents try everything and anything they read and or hear about to find their way through this social craze and online exploration we call the digital consumer. One thing is for sure. Myths seem to find their way into our business practice nearly every day. I am always surprised when agents tell me they heard this or they heard that about the online marketing world. You might be surprised yourself to learn the 3 biggest Myths I learned about this last year. these very Myths are misleading you down the wrong path and one filled with frustration. No worries. I am here to set you straight and get you on the path to success again.


Whether you are new to digital marketing and just getting started or perhaps you are a seasoned pro, you may have tried a variety of organizational and marketing tasks hoping to arrive at the perfect system that helps put your digital tasks on autopilot to let you do what you do best: SELL! The Front Porch Report is an awesome “Do It For You” marketing system that takes the challenge of understanding the when, how and why out of your daily tasks, I strongly believe agents should empower assistance and or hire marketing platforms that do it for them. Stop wasting money (Which we all know time is money) on tasks below your “Pay Scale”

Myth #1: CRMs don’t work

We know that NAR states that 40-50% of real estate leads come from referrals from people you know or from repeat clients. I’ve implemented plenty of CRM (contact relationship management) systems in my day. I think it is absolutely mandatory you understand and use a digital CRM platform vs. the old system (email, sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, etc.). This is not to say that a handwritten note once in awhile almost always seals the relationship and takes it to another level.  Having said that, the system that you may have selected may not be the best or easiest system to use. It may not be the best for your industry, your mind type.

Fact #1

CRM systems DO WORK if they are well selected and implemented. Today’s CRMs are not the same as even a few years ago. The evolving nature of automated drip campaigns as really elevated the value of CRMS into a must-have in order to NOT let any your leads or referrals sources get lost in your digital ecosystem and automatically helps keep you top of mind while you’re out selling, selling, selling. There are many options to choose from and it’s imperative to find the right CRM for you, the way you work, what reports you want and what workflow processes match the way you manage your day-to-day business. After you pick the right one, to get the value out of the software you selected, you must COMMIT to using it and it alone for all your contact data and communication needs. This paradigm shift can take a good 30 days so make sure you give it the time it needs to be successful and you feel really comfortable with using your new software. Trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed.

Fact #2

In almost all CRM eFarming drip campaign newsletter providers I see the same thing. Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate! Yes you read right. Stop sending your client’s all real estate related material. The occasional market update is fine but everything you send them should not be real estate related. Why companies can’t figure this out is beyond me. Let’s take The Front Porch Report Daily Posts and Weekly Email as an example. We focus on three primary subjects, Home, Health and Wealth. These three topics are proven winners for engagement in the social world of marketing. This means more people will like your posts and click through to the stories if they involve their lifestyle. Nutrition, fitness, recipes, inspiration, travel, good eats, decor, design etc are all hot topics that create engagement with your consumer. Real Estate related stories are advertising. This advertising should be sprinkled in between the articles. When done right. Magic happens. Your sphere grows, and referrals happen.

Myth #2: I’ve tried Facebook and it doesn’t work

I love it when I hear this. There are so many questions I ask following hearing this response. like “what did you try?” and “why do you say it didn’t work?” The responses I hear are typically “I have a Facebook and I post on it but I never get leads from it.” Implementing HOW you can make it work for you takes time and knowledge. The sad part is that as SOON as you think you’ve mastered Facebook for business, it changes. Facebook is one of the fastest evolving advertising platforms around. That’s right, I said advertising. After tasting the sweet fruit of organic and free traffic / visibility / connectivity on Facebook, they have flipped the script and are making businesses pay for reach (not new news / not surprising).

Fact #1

Facebook is simply The single most powerful tool in advertising right now. You can find exactly who you want to target (age, income, homeowner/not), where you want to target them (location, The ability to target and reach your intended audience is beyond amazing and is a marketing professional’s dream come true. Most business owners who want to use Facebook use as a blow horn to say “HEY, COME BUY FROM ME!” You have to understand the nature of today’s performing marketing practices is all about creating compelling value and authentic relationships. Then, you have to understand the Facebook platform and why people are there. They are on Facebook to connect and engage. If you are hitting COLD traffic with COME BUY FROM ME type of messaging, then don’t be surprised when you aren’t getting any clicks / leads. Advertising has evolved and you have to evolve with it or be left behind.

Fact #2

Facebook is the single most important platform you should be using. Think of your Facebook feed as a place to Datamine. This means sit in front of your computer or on your phone and look for opportunity to engage. Each and every opportunity is a chance to build on your relationship and get their commitment to use your services when the time comes.  Take it to another level. Don’t just “Like”, “Comment” or “Share” this engagement. Reach out. Grab a note card from your desk and send them a handwritten note congratulating them on their accomplishment and or event that has just taken place. I call this “eBuffini” them. Birthdays, anniversary’s that’s the easy stuff. Look for job changes, accomplishments, send notes about how a post made you feel good. This is the magic formula to building referrals from social media.

Myth #3: The more websites the better

NAR states that on average 9-10% of real estate leads come from organic searches. I don’t think I’ve talked to an agent/broker that has less than 5 website domain addresses. Many have upwards of 10+ with roughly 5 emails addresses they are managing. They’ve left various firms and joined others or opened their own. There was a time when owning “YourTownHomeForsale” made sense. Not anymore. Where is the consumer looking for homes? ZILLOW with 80+ million visitors a month. We only sell 5 million homes a year and yet 80 million visitors monthly are searching. That’s a lot of dead leads…

Fact #1

More is not always better! Google is one really smart search engine. He’s getting smarter every year. Google dominates search with 66% of the search market and when Bing and Yahoo, they collectively make up 32% of the search market. You might be operating off of old SEO (search engine optimization) information when you think that more domains are better. Google releases 2+ algorithm updates a year. He knows which websites are trying to game the SEO system to reach higher organic (free) SERP (search engine results page) rankings and dings them for it. Google local is a whole other animal and there are professionals and software system specifically dedicated to helping users get found in the Google local pack in the top right corner. Submitting your business to Google as a REALTOR with RE/MAX Gold is a sure way to get noticed and indexed fast.

Fact #2

Your name as a domain website is probably the most important website you can own. And really the only one you need to own. Unless you are a SEO wiz and creating website landing pages sound fun to you. Stick with your name. You might be surprised how easy it is to get your name as a domain. Even if you have a very common name. jim Smith. Instead of trying to get jimsmith.com which will not be available. try Jim-Smtih-Real-Estate.com Use hyphens to seperate the words. This really helps when people are searching for you. Consumers no longer call phone numbers. they search fro you on Google. The Google the address. Finding you is your end result. Think of how you type in to find someone online. You don’t type in jimsmith, you type Jim Smith. You use spaces. Hyphens tell Google and other search engines “Space” This creates more accurate searches.  Try it and watch your business grow.

Hopefully these three tips will clear up some misguidance you have received over the last year. I still strongly recommend you work towards having this whole marketing stuff done for you. Front Porch report does it for you for $100/monthly. Try it today.

Zillow Group Partners With Facebook-Gives Listing Agents A Boost!


Zillow Group recently announced the launch of two new products for its Premier Agents, Premier Agent® Direct and Seller Boost. Premier Agent Direct uses Zillow Group’s Precision Targeting to connect real estate agents and teams to their advertising audience on Facebook; Seller Boost generates listing leads:

Premier Agent Direct – Premier Agent Direct combines the power of a real estate network with social media, allowing users to expand the targeted audience they advertise to through a simple, easy platform using Zillow Group’s Precision Targeting. This technology identifies home shoppers using Zillow or Trulia and connects with them on Facebook. Agents can feature a specific listing or automatically highlight new listings or recently sold homes.

Premier Agent Direct helps agents more efficiently work their farm area and either extend or eliminate the need for a direct mail campaign by using Precision Targeting to connect with local home shoppers and sellers on a medium they are using every day. Premier Agent Direct is available on mobile and desktop.

Seller Boost – Seller Boost leverages Zillow and Trulia’s audience of potential home sellers to generate listing leads for Premier Agents. The new Seller Boost ads will appear on the home details pages of homes that are not-for-sale and the owner dashboard. Both of these products seamlessly integrate into the Premier Agent App. Seller Boost will be available to a limited group of Premier Agents before the end of the year.

“We have worked incredibly hard this year to create new opportunities for agents to connect with buyers and sellers so they can scale their businesses with greater ease. The new products are the results of those efforts,” says Greg Schwartz, Zillow Group chief business officer. “Through this new publishing platform, we have created a way to significantly increase the agent’s reach to consumers who are in a transaction mindset. With Precision Targeting, we know these people are using Zillow and Trulia, and now there’s a new opportunity to connect with them on Facebook. Coupled with the launch of Seller Boost, these products will help agents connect more effectively and easily with interested buyers and sellers through our growing platform.”

For more information, please visit www.zillow.com.

Business Growth & Development MEC – Business Planning Strategy Workbook

Please download and use this workbook to plan your next year of growth with RE/MAX Gold

Start Planning and Start Earning More…


Not sure how much you need to earn to bring home the wage you want? Use this awesome workbook to find out.


Agent to Agent Referrals… Are you doing it right?

One of the biggest benefits to being a RE/MAX agent is the 100,000+ referral potential! Yes with RE/MAX there are over 100,000 agents worldwide and this can easily translate into referrals for you. I have posted in the past examples of good referral letters you can copy and use in your business. Today I want to share an excellent example of how to solicit for referrals via video interaction. Video is becoming increasingly more popular and accessible and I see agents using it to showcase homes, neighborhoods, community as well as the benefits of using their services. Dwight and Chad Cabalka are using video to solicit referral business.

Dwight & Chad Cabalka Real Esate

Click image to connect to Video Email

In the example above this video email was sent out to Broker/Owners around the world. In each instance the header was customized and directed to the recipient. (Example Header: Hello RE/MAX Sacramento owner-brokers!) they inserted a different town and or city in each email. Pretty easy and yet, very effective.

I teach agents daily to use the “Connect” tool on MainStreet to send agents, managers, owners, and brokers emails asking that they consider you for their next referral. Imagine the business you could build if you simply sent 25 emails a week to 25 different recipients in the 100,000+ database of agents. Your business would grow off the charts. This is simple, low to no cost and you can start doing this today.

Make a difference, leverage the power of the Brand and our 100,000+ associates to build your business.

Introduction to Facebook webinar, what you need to know and do

Facebook Marketing

Marketing with Facebook

International Friendly Webinar

Co-Host Heather Holliday will be training best practices and how Facebook marketing can take your business to new heights. This is part one of a series and has already been live. This is a recorded version for you to enjoy. You will not be able to actually ask questions or interact. However you will learn a lot of what you need to know and do to get started with Facebook. !

 Introduction to Facebook webinar, click below to view?

Awesome Agent to Agent Referral Solicitation Letter

I received this letter from a fellow RE/MAX agent. This is a perfect example of how to write an effective referral solicitation letter. (See letter example below)  First John W. Chang the agent opens with how he will be paying referral fees to specific agents whom have already referred a client to him. This is almost better than a testimonial. Second he ads content related to real estate so I get a laugh and some interesting content I can now share out in social media. And lastly he follows up with the solicitation for referrals and ads all his contact information.


Now I am the first to share with agents the amazing power of the RE/MAX brand and the many benefits of networking with over 100,000 agents in 97 different countries. Imagine the business that will be generated in the coming months and years if John continues to send this type of letter out each day, week or even monthly. The point is, soliciting referrals from our vast network of agents all over the world build business.  Now you don’t have any excuses about growing your business. Use this example letter, and create one you can send out and start building your referral business.


Greetings Don!

I hope you are having a great month of June, closing a lot of deals and meeting a lot of interesting, new clients. This is John Chang of RE/MAX New York City – Manhattan.  June has been a great month for my referral partners. On June 4, 2015, I paid John Vander Meulen of California, $7,500 USD for his referral and tomorrow, I am paying Christian Randolph of Georgia, $40,000 USD for her referral.

Don, I thought these articles would be of interest to you.  The video of Ellen is hilarious btw:

1.      Ellen discusses stupid Real Estate Agents (too funny!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQQD6nDVO5Y
2.     10 of the World’s Most Insanely Luxurious Houses: http://www.oddee.com/item_97098.aspx
3.     The Coolest Views From Luxury NYC Apartments: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sellingny/the-coolest-views-from-luxury-nyc-apartments?b=1   Top 15 Most Popular Real Estate Websites to Market Yourself | June 2015: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/real-estate-websites
4.     3 TED Talks Every Sales Professional Should Watch:http://blog.hubspot.com/sales/ted-talks-sales-pros-should-watch-list
5.     World’s 20 Best Places to Invest in Property: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/investment/10542844/Worlds-20-best-places-to-invest-in-property.html?frame=2777628

So if you have any clients moving to New York City or selling in New York City, please e-mail me or call me jc@remax-nyc.com or 1-917-209-6200.  I look forward to working with you and also referring deals to you and your office.  Let’s keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, as well.

John W. Chang, MBA
Twitter : johnchangremax    Facebook : John Chang      Linkedin : johnchangremax

CEO & Founder

REMAX Chairman’s Club Member

NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker


Cell: 917.209.6200

Tel: 212.229.2999

Fax: 800.418.7553

If you have examples of good client and or agent to agent letters. Let’s see them. Please send them to me and I will share them with all.

4 Easy Steps to Convert Online Leads

Don’t get confused between being a salesperson and a customer service rep. Here’s how to give the client what they want while getting something in return

generate-real-estate-leads2As the real estate world changes and more and more potential buyers and sellers are spending their time online, the need for the practitioner to know how to convert leads is more important than ever. As the head of a company that has thousands of coaching students and a marketing wing that does nothing but create leads for people, I get inundated with questions on a regular basis about the best way to convert these leads.

What’s interesting is that as the industry as a whole evolves, the more it actually stays the same. We are still a people business that thrives on relationships — and that will never change. This is evidenced by the fact that, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 68 percent of people work with the first pro they have an actual conversation with in person.

Knowing this, the real question is: How do we get consumers to reply to us so we can create a conversation? Here are four easy steps to do that:

Leave Something Out

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many agents make is to fully answer the questions that leads send them. Yes, I know that sounds counterproductive, and you think you should always give them what they asked for so that you provide the best customer service that you possibly can. But if you do that off the bat, do they have any other reason to reply to you and get you one step closer to that conversation you’re after?

Here’s how this works. If they ask about the yard and the kitchen, then tell them everything there is to know about the kitchen. But end with something like, “Oh my God! There is something about the yard that you have to know about! What’s the best way to reach you right now?” Don’t be afraid to use a cliffhanger in your response, but make sure to actually have something cool to tell them.

Keep Your Signature Brief and Add ‘Sent from iPhone’

I know it sounds crazy, but believe it or not, some people don’t want to talk to an agent. It doesn’t make much sense, since they inquired about a house or something similar, but it’s true. That’s why it’s not always a great idea to have on every one of your e-mails a signature that’s long or longer than the actual e-mail itself. Instead, try responding to potential buyers and sellers with an e-mail that has just your name at the end of it — at least until you have built some trust with them.

If you really want to take it to the next level, have a line below your name that says “sent from iPhone” or whatever device you use. It will make them think that you actually just took the time to respond from wherever you are, even if you didn’t.

Respond Within Five Minutes

I don’t think we have to spend a lot of time on this one, as it’s pretty well understood that if you want to have a better chance at converting leads, you need to get back to them as soon as they reach out for info. In fact, according to InsideSales.com, you are nine times more likely to convert an Internet lead when you respond within five minutes. Enough said. If you aren’t able to do this yourself, you may want to consider hiring someone who can dedicate all of their time to this important job.

Don’t Forget to Close!

Too many salespeople in our field are starting to confuse the difference between a salesperson and a customer service representative. Customer service is a part of your job, but it is not what your job is. You are in real estate sales, not real estate customer service, and that means that you need to close the lead conversion.

You don’t have to close by being slimy or disrespectful. If you believe in what you do and that you are the customer’s best option, then this shouldn’t be such an issue. But you can’t close with lingo that consumers don’t even understand, such as: “When could I come by for a comparative market analysis?” What does that even mean and how long is that going to take?!?!

If someone contacts you inquiring about the value of their home, ask them if they wouldn’t mind you coming by for a quick five-minute price consultation to make sure that you get them the most accurate value possible. You’ll be amazed how much more willing people are to give you five minutes to get what they want than they are to let you come through for a comparative market analysis for an hour.



Found this article from: Jared James is the CEO and founder of Jared James Enterprises (JJE) and travels around North America speaking to and coaching REALTORS®. Connect with Jared at www.jaredjamestoday.com, on facebook.com/jaredjamestoday, or follow him on Twitter @jaredjamestoday.

Changes To Facebook’s News Feed Make It Harder To Promote Your new listing

Will recent changes to FACEBOOK’s news feed policy make it harder for real estate agents to promote listings, open houses and stay in touch with their client’s?

Perhaps, according to a recent announcement from Facebook“Want to promote something on FACEBOOK? Buy an ad. That’s the logical conclusion for businesses after the social network said it will reduce the number of ‘promotional’ messages showing up in users’ information streams, known as News Feeds. Companies that previously sent advertisements from their free FACEBOOK Pages now face a harder time reaching fans.”

This means your posting for a open house this Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm will have less chance of actually showing up on your Fans News Feed after January. FACEBOOK announced a new policy designed to clean up users News Feeds last week. They wrote, “One of the main reasons people come to FACEBOOK is to see what’s happening in their News Feeds. Our goal with News Feed has always been to show people the things they want to see. That’s why we often look to people on FACEBOOK to tell us how we can improve. As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.

“We dug further into the data to better understand this feedback. What we discovered is that a lot of the content people see as too promotional is posts from Pages they like, rather than ads. This may seem counterintuitive but it actually makes sense: News Feed has controls for the number of ads a person sees and for the quality of those ads (based on engagement, hiding ads, etc.), but those same controls haven’t been as closely monitored for promotional Page posts. Now we’re bringing new volume and content controls for promotional posts, so people see more of what they want from Pages.

“Beginning in JANUARY 2015, people will see less of this type of content in their News Feeds. As we’ve said before, News Feed is already a competitive place – as more people and Pages are posting content, competition to appear in News Feed has increased. All of this means that Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”

Example of a FREE Posting for a New Listing on FACEBOOKNew_listing_Posting

Above you see an example of a posting from FACEBOOK promoting a new listing. We see these kinds of posts all the time. this is advertising. And now FACEBOOK is changing how your fans will see these kinds of posts. People don’t want to be sold in their News Feed, they want to feel welcome. They crave content they relate to, content that engages them or makes them laugh. How do you use your own FACEBOOK Page? Doesn’t it annoy you seeing some agent or a small business posting nothing but sales…

We have to continue to find the balance between what’s just advertising and what’s conversation. I live by the 75% – 25% rule. I post 75% about life, fun, my hobbies, interest and activities and 25% about the business I am in. It’s okay to post and talk about the market, interesting challenges in a transaction, or for that matter even share your open house information. Just remember FACEBOOK wants you to share more personal than business. You should be safe in the 25% rule.

On the other hand, advertising on FACEBOOK is one of the most effective ways to generate business. Either through direct leads like a Home value request or a new listing or price reduction. Think about how you are going about your business now. many agents are spending $300.00 per house, per week on a newspaper “Open house” ad. ThiS is a huge expense. On FACEBOOK I can spend $60.00 and run the ad below for three days and reach 14,000 people. With this type of “Boosted” ad, FACEBOOK guarantees it will keep my post at the top of consumers News Feed’s until it has been seen by at least 5,000 consumers over the three day period. facebook_ads

This is the hard part. Many of you simply don’t know how to “Boost” your post, or create a “Pay-Per-Click” campaign for social media. Most of us are barley figuring out how to post the open house, let alone advertise it.  Take a deep breath, relax… FACEBOOK teaches us how to do this in this easy to understand video. “How to Boost a Post on FACEBOOK”

I do this daily and I generate lost of business for agents all over.  Feel free to comment and or reach out to me and let’s find a better way to communicate our success and grow our business.

7 Steps to build your RE/MAX Community Page

Below are instructions on how to build a unique community page you can use on your website, as a stand alone webpage and to email to your database. It’s a great way to connect with the consumer and share local community information.

Click on image to visit live community site page

Click on image to visit live community site page


Step 1:  Login to your Mainstreet accout at www.remax.net. Click on “My Leads”

Step 1

Step 1



Step 2: Click on “Site Builder” on the Top Level navigation Links

Step 2

Step 2




Step 3:  Now click on “Search” Link in Second Level Navigation

Step 3

Step 3


Step 4: Scroll to bottom of page and click on “Create a SEO Community Page”

Step 4

Step 4


Step 5: Here you will need to fill out each field. Start with the name of your community page. In this example “Fairfield Community” is used. Make this as specific as you can. IN the Custom URL field you will need to use the same name but with no spaces in between words. Then select “Community – User Specific Content Coming soon” Link in the Page Builder Content Box.  Make sure you choose the correct Zip Code for the community you are creating. In the Meta, Description and Keyword boxes, you will need to fill these out with information that will be contained in your page. Finally scroll down and click “Update”.

Step 5

Step 5


Step 6: Your page has been built and now it’s time to see it in action. Once your page has updated from the clicking of the “Update” button you will need to click on the “Search” link in the Second Level Navigation line above and scroll to the bottom where is says “Create a SEO Community Page” and look for your page. Click the “Manage” button for options.

Step 6

Step 6


Step 7: From this page you have a few options. You can Preview, Edit and Delete the page from here. What you want is the unique URL (Domain Name) This is the link you will use to market this site. Go ahead and cut and paste the link into your browser.

Step 7

Step 7


There are many ways you can use this site to promote yourself and business. Post it throughout social media, host it as a stand alone website page. You can buy a custom domain from GoDaddy.com and mask the original URL by forwarding one that is very easy to use.  This is another reason why RE/MAX Agent continue to lead the industry in sales and customer satisfaction. Better Tools & Resources translates into more business for you.  Enjoy and feel free to comment below.