Leads, Leads, Leads, MEC Event for 1st Quarter – Region Three

Here is the Powerpoint presentation used at the first quarter MEC Event for 2016 Region Three Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Yolo County RE/MAX Gold Agents. Click to download.


Agent to Agent Referrals… Are you doing it right?

One of the biggest benefits to being a RE/MAX agent is the 100,000+ referral potential! Yes with RE/MAX there are over 100,000 agents worldwide and this can easily translate into referrals for you. I have posted in the past examples of good referral letters you can copy and use in your business. Today I want to share an excellent example of how to solicit for referrals via video interaction. Video is becoming increasingly more popular and accessible and I see agents using it to showcase homes, neighborhoods, community as well as the benefits of using their services. Dwight and Chad Cabalka are using video to solicit referral business.

Dwight & Chad Cabalka Real Esate

Click image to connect to Video Email

In the example above this video email was sent out to Broker/Owners around the world. In each instance the header was customized and directed to the recipient. (Example Header: Hello RE/MAX Sacramento owner-brokers!) they inserted a different town and or city in each email. Pretty easy and yet, very effective.

I teach agents daily to use the “Connect” tool on MainStreet to send agents, managers, owners, and brokers emails asking that they consider you for their next referral. Imagine the business you could build if you simply sent 25 emails a week to 25 different recipients in the 100,000+ database of agents. Your business would grow off the charts. This is simple, low to no cost and you can start doing this today.

Make a difference, leverage the power of the Brand and our 100,000+ associates to build your business.

Introduction to Facebook webinar, what you need to know and do

Facebook Marketing

Marketing with Facebook

International Friendly Webinar

Co-Host Heather Holliday will be training best practices and how Facebook marketing can take your business to new heights. This is part one of a series and has already been live. This is a recorded version for you to enjoy. You will not be able to actually ask questions or interact. However you will learn a lot of what you need to know and do to get started with Facebook. !

 Introduction to Facebook webinar, click below to view?

4th of July Facebook Timeline Covers

Celebrate our Independence with pride and grab attention to yourself at the same time. Try one of these custom designed 4th of July Timeline Covers over the weekend. It a great way to build brand awareness and be in front of your sphere. Hope you enjoy.  Step by step instructions below.

4th July 1002978_649612711733349_1521811975_n 1003411_647538968607390_511964312_n american_flag_cover_2 holidays-the-best-the-4th-fourth-of-july-independence-day-2012-facebook-timeline-banner-photo-picture-for-fb images (1) july-4th-happy-4th-facebook-timeline-cover US-Independence-day-wallpaper-indendence-of-America-4th-July-facebook-timeline-covers-banners-2

Right click on any one of the covers you like. Save as to the folder of your choice on your computer. Then go to Facebook, click on upload new cover image, and upload your new file.  That’s it. Pretty easy.

12 Action Items to Boost Productivity, Results in 2015

Make these commitments to yourself and your business in 2015 and set yourself up for success.

1. Update your RE/MAX profile. This is critical! Make sure remax.com users and your colleagues sending referrals through RE/MAX Mainstreet are seeing your most current information. You can update both profiles in one spot on Mainstreet. Click the “Your Account” link that appears at the very top of any Mainstreet page, and then click “Profile.”

2. Update your business plan. If you don’t already have a business plan, make it a top priority. If you do have one, schedule now the dates and times when you’ll review and update it throughout the year.Productivity - Button on White Modern Computer Keyboard.

3. Register for R4 in Las Vegas. It’s the best bang for your buck of any convention you can attend. March 2-5, 2015, thousands of RE/MAX Affiliates will get together to share ideas, referrals and fun. And there are dozens of educational sessions to choose from.Register today!

4. Plan your day, every day. Be sure from day to day you know exactly what you’re going to do the moment your workday starts. Having a set daily schedule keeps you from wasting time on unproductive activities.

5. Revisit your website. Is it in need of an overhaul or maybe just some updates? Make sure content is current, including your contact information. Click through every link on the site (or better yet, delegate this to someone) to make sure visitors aren’t encountering any dead links or obsolete information. If you have a contact form, test it to make sure it’s still working as it should be.

6. Restock your promotional materials. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, yard signs, sign riders and any other personalized and branded items you use regularly. Visit Shop RE/MAX at shop.remax.net to browse Approved Suppliers who offer trademark-compliant products.

7. Take time for yourself and your family. Schedule your vacations, and family and personal commitments first, whenever possible. If you’ve given due time and attention to these areas of your life, you’ll be able to focus more on your business when it’s time to work.

8. Take a designation course. Either finish up a designation you’ve started or think about a new direction you might like to take your expertise – new construction, working with seniors, serving military members, specializing in buyer agency. RE/MAX University offers you convenient, 24/7 access to a multitude of designation courses at exclusive pricing.

9. Expand your business. Perhaps it’s the right time to explore opportunities in luxury and commercial real estate. Take time to learn more about The RE/MAX Collection and RE/MAX Commercial.

10. Follow a new source of real estate news. Real estate headlines change rapidly and frequently – just like the real estate industry itself. Staying on top of the latest news can help you get ahead of trends and be a resource for your clients. The RE/MAX Update email you receive Wednesdays is a great start.

11. Read a business book. Ask for recommendations from your colleagues or check the bestseller lists. The right business books can help you stay motivated and give you a new outlook on your business.

12. Consider cause marketing. Consumers continue to prefer brands that support a charity they care about. Make a commitment to a cause you care about and make it part of your business. The Miracle Home and Miracle Property programs for RE/MAX Affiliates, which benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, are fantastic and meaningful turnkey options.

RE/MAX Affiliates may share this article, provided they do not charge for it and this notice is included. All other rights reserved.

10 Tips for Successful Marketing

Tips and Tricks Chalk Illustration

Some of the highest-powered agents will tell you that when prospective clients reach out to them, it’s because they feel as if they already “know” them. That’s because those agents are continually getting their name and brand in front of clients, and creating a relationship that translates into sales.

These tips can help raise your marketability, and help you figure out how your current marketing is measuring up.

1. Create specific financial goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Identifying your financial goals will help give you the motivation to carry out your marketing plans, even when you feel pressed for time.

2. Stay active on social media. Be where your clients and prospects are. More and more, that means social media! Do you have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook — or all four? Choose the platforms that work best for you and make sure that you are not only posting compelling content, but “liking,” “sharing,” and “commenting” on your followers’ content. Don’t forget, the key word here is “social.”twitter-leads

3. Sharpen your skills by attending four or more webinars/seminars a year. Continuing education keeps you up-to-date on what’s new in the field and shows clients you are committed to being the best of the best. Don’t forget to let your clients and prospects know what you’re learning by sharing nuggets on social media or in email marketing.

4. Learn best practices from other professionals. In combination with continuing education, make sure that you are in touch with leaders in the field by staying active in professional organizations like C.A.R., reading related publications, and following the blogs and social media accounts of thought leaders in the industry.

5. Referrals go a long way. Referrals can be your No. 1 source of business. Use tools to nurture your long-term prospects and clients in order to generate referrals. Maintain contact with your past clients to stay top-of-mind. Whether it’s sending them a card on the anniversary of their purchase, or reaching out at holidays or birthdays, these little touches can go a long way.

Ask For Referrals

6. Consider advertising to elevate your brand and generate leads. With marketing, sometimes you get what you pay for, and advertising is a sure-fire way to reach the people that you want to reach. Whether you include a specific call to action, or just want to raise awareness of your brand in the market, find out what your clients are reading or watching and aim to be there!

7. Be responsive to leads. Don’t let your marketing go to waste! Respond to any leads you receive immediately. Research shows that the odds of reaching a new online lead drops more than 10 times if you wait longer than an hour. If a lead is called within five minutes versus 30 minutes, the chances of connecting increase by ONE HUNDRED TIMES!

8. Keep track. Use your database to track outreach to clients and prospects. Knowing what you sent to whom and when can be a full-time job in itself! Automate your systems as much as you can with tools that will help you manage your contacts so you know when it’s time to reach out again. The goal is to stay top of mind by following up, reconnecting and sending valuable information.Email Marketing and Traketing

9. Know what works. You’ll never know which of your activities are working unless you track your success. Whenever possible, try to find out how a prospect found you, which can help point you to your most successful marketing methods. You’re likely to find that a combination of methods is driving your conversion rate, which can help you decide where to devote your valuable resources.

10. Boost your marketing. Consider investing 10 percent of your earnings into marketing, in order to grow your business. Ask any successful REALTOR® and you will likely hear that you can never market too much! More often than not, the more you invest, the more you recoup.

Taking your marketing seriously is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to achieve success in the real estate industry!

Align yourself with the REMAX Brand

Click here to find out more.

Without a brand, you’re just a real estate agent.


I hear this sentence all the time: “I don’t know what a brand is, but I don’t think I need one.” I decided to take this opportunity to try to define the concept of branding to explain why you need a brand.


In a way, it’s like explaining why we need air. So, please hang in there with me, and let me know if what follows makes sense.

AstonMartin275How can you recognize a brand?
Raise your hand if you recognize the car in the photo to the left. If you didn’t raise your hand, you know that it’s a sporty-looking car. Just looking at the car, for all you know, it could be a hybrid with a top speed of 60 miles an hour. That could be your perception just from looking at the photo.

If you did raise your hand, you know that you’re looking at an Aston Martin. A 2010 DB9 Volante, to be exact. And, now that the rest of you know it’s an Aston Martin, you probably have quite a different perception of the vehicle.

What do you know about Aston Martins? If you’re a car buff at all, you know that James Bond was fond of Aston Martins. So, does that fact make you feel differently about the car than when you thought it might be a hybrid? Indeed. Why?

Because you now perceive the car to be a hot sports car, capable of making beautiful women swoon, achieving high rates of speed, completing very sharp turns, and, in the hands of  “Q,” launching rockets. And that perception is reinforced by other things you may know if you are a car buff.

For example, here is a short list of famous folks who drive Aston Martins: Jennifer Lopez, Pierce Brosnan, Janet Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. So, even if you’ve never driven an Aston Martin yourself, every perception you have of the car is consistent. It’s a hot car that anyone would love to own.

So, that’s it. That’s the brand.

Now, look at the photo again, and point to the brand. You can’t, can you? Why? Because a brand is a perception that has been implanted in the public’s mind.

It’s your perception of what the Aston Martin is all about. And you developed that perception because everything you were exposed to concerning that car reinforced its brand.

Brand plate

When people ask me what the end product produced by branding is, it can be difficult to explain. There isn’t something you can see, feel or taste. It’s not like a website or a marketing brochure. And that is a big part of the reason why branding is often misunderstood.

When we do branding, the end product is a market positioning statement and a unique selling proposition (USP). Just words on a page. But the point is that you can take those words and use them to start implanting a perception in the minds of the people in your market area. You can use those words in an effective “elevator speech.”

The branding process gives you the opportunity to clearly identify your target market, their needs, and how you satisfy those needs in a way that is different from your competitors.

Without a brand, you’re just a real estate agent

It’s the “different from your competitors” part that is critical. Until you know what the Aston Martin’s brand is, it’s just a car. Until you, as a real estate professional, have a brand, you’re just a real estate agent.

And that’s why you need a real estate brand.

REMAX_40year_2Col_logoBrand Is Everything!

Originally published on ActiveRain by Kathleen Allardyce, real estate marketing consultant and president of Getting It Write Inc.

Quick Video: RE/MAX National Housing Report November 2013

RE/MAX researches 52 major metropolitan markets and analyzes the data to get a pulse on the US housing market. Here are some highlights from this months report. To download the full report visit http://www.remax.com/c/about/newsroom. For more information about your local real estate market and what these trends mean for you, contact a local RE/MAX agent. http://www.remax.com.

9 Tips for Promoting LeadStreet to Your Agents

LeadStreet is Holly Fogel’s passion. That’s because she understands it’s more than a lead-generating system. It’s a tool for recruiting prospects, retaining agents, increasing business and keeping RE/MAX top of mind, says Fogel, a technology trainer with RE/MAX Center in Johns Creek, Ga.

“I’m passionate because it works,” she says. “It’s a complete CRM package; agents can upload their contacts and run their entire business with it.”

Fogel knows it works, in part, because of the large quantity of leads the system delivers. As recent numbers indicate, RE/MAX Associates have received more than 13 million leads – all with no referral fee attached. That’s a huge milestone – and a major draw for top recruits.

“RE/MAX agents who are new to the network are blown away by LeadStreet,” she says. “They can’t believe the number of leads we receive, or that we have a whole system to really nurture those leads from start to finish and through follow-up. It’s just fantastic.”


To maximize the use of LeadStreet in your office, Fogel suggests following these important steps:

1. Promote the use of LeadStreet in conjunction with My Property Finder
Agents should use My Property Finder (formerly known as My Home Finder) to save searches for current clients, past clients, friends, family – every lead that comes in. Those saved searches are then attached to that agent; it enables two-way functionality, and they get to see everything those prospective buyers do on remax.com. If agents can get up to 100 people, that seems to be the tipping point where they get traction and their business goes through the roof.

2. Realize Internet leads are the new sign call
A lot of people used to think that if there’s no fee attached to Internet leads, then there’s less value there. That’s not true. It’s important to drill into agents that an Internet lead is the new sign call – it’s just as good as a phone call. RE/MAX Center has already had 4,458 leads come through the system year-to-date. There aren’t a lot of other companies that provide this many leads for free. For recruiting and retention, that’s huge.

3. Remind agents that LeadStreet stops the need to search elsewhere
Because remax.com is one of the most visited franchise websites, the lead flow that filters down is unbelievable. Agents tell me all the time that LeadStreet has changed their whole business. It’s all in that connectivity piece where they can upload documents to the Dashboard. They can better communicate with consumers and provide them, in real time, access to new listings. Most agents should easily – and I’m saying with very little effort – be able to convert and close a minimum of five leads a year. That can amount to an extra $30,000 to $40,000 in commissions, just from LeadStreet leads.

4. Present LeadStreet as CRM package
It’s a one-stop business tool for your agents, where they can generate leads, manage follow-up programs, enhance their listings and provide a higher level of service to clients. Agents should look at it as an entire CRM package and not just a lead router. If they explore each tab and what can be done, they’ll start to understand the connectivity between their website and their business.

5. Encourage agents to respond quickly
If an agent can respond to a lead – whether by text, a quick voicemail or email – within 15 minutes, they’ll have a much higher conversion rate. But they should never leave a message that says, “Give me a call back.” Agents should always provide a next step. Say, “Sorry I missed you, I’ll try you again at 7 tonight.” That gives agents a to-do item, and when they call back, they’re not harassing the clients; they’re doing what they said they’d do.Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com

6. Instruct your agents to make no assumptions
Just because a prospective client is looking at a rental, it doesn’t mean that’s what they’re going to end up with. An agent in our office took a lead from someone looking to rent, and ended up helping him buy a $292,000 condo. I’ve had four agents this year tell me they’ve had rental leads who turned into buyers. Encourage your agents to maximize LeadStreet – they never know what kind of rewards those unassuming leads might lead to.

7. Voice the need to remain top of mind
If agents save consumer searches, those prospective buyers will receive an email at least once a week, and they’re going to see the agent’s face with relevant properties. They don’t really want conversation; they want to see houses. If every lead that came in was being contacted by a RE/MAX agent a few times a week, the conversion rate would be so much higher.

8. Organize LeadStreet workshops
If you don’t have time to offer LeadStreet training, set up workshops. Agents within your office could meet together to learn on their own. LeadStreet really isn’t difficult, and a My Property Finder account can be set up in fewer than four minutes. There’s a lot of collaboration and cohesiveness within RE/MAX offices, and you should lean into and encourage that.

9. Stress the importance of focusing on the consumer
We have a lot of leads generated through RE/MAX, and if we’re not communicating with the consumer, that hurts our reputation as being the No. 1 brand in the industry. You want your agents to make more money and for your office to do great, but ultimately it’s about taking care of the consumer. It’s about keeping the RE/MAX name out there as the brand with the most outstanding and professional agents who sell the most real estate.

RE/MAX Affiliates may share this article, provided they do not charge for it and this notice is included. All other rights reserved.