Powerful Prospecting Activities


Don't think of prospecting for leads as just another routine task. Instead, think of prospecting as a gateway to endless income possibilities and an essential part of growing a thriving real estate business.

To truly benefit from prospecting you must be willing to put yourself out there and try new things. If you're ready to make more money and prospect for leads in a whole new way, here are 117 lead generating activities you should try

1 Open houses
2 Floor duty
3 Door knocking
4 Pop by’s (individual & business)
5 Direct mail
6 Newsletters
7 E-Newsletter
8 Phone calls
9 Face-to-face meetings &
10 Hand written notes
11 FSBO’s
12 Expireds & Withdrawns
13 Client Appreciation Party
14 Volunteer
15 Networking Events
16 Coach your kid’s soccer team, etc.
17 Annual updates (CMA’s)
18 Circle prospecting (5x5’s)
19 Meetings w/Human Resource Directors
20 Relocation opportunities/tours
21 Print advertising (newspaper or magazines) 22
Social media—pulling & pushing info
23 Blogging
24 Hand out business cards
25 Email drip campaigns
26 8x8 campaigns
27 REO/HUD/bank listings
28 Attend the public trustee sale
29 Send notes to homes “for rent” as possible
30 Trade shows/homes shows
31 Host an informational seminar/talk
32 Network with affiliate providers
(CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agent)
33 Put your nametag on or logowear and
go somewhere where there are people to talk to!34
Preview properties (know the
inventory) — leave your business card
for the Seller
35 Work short sales and pre-foreclosure properties
36 Enroll in a class or a new hobby to meet people
37 Join a book club
38 Target renters (non-owner occupied)
39 Mail home anniversary cards
40 Send letters to out of town rental owners to
check up on their property (take photos) & do a
41 Write an informational article for the newspaper
43 Bus benches, grocery carts, and billboards (can
be expensive)
44 Create and hand out a personal brochure
45 Radio campaigns—see if you can be a guest on a
talk show
46 Attend a “meet-up” (meetup.com)
47 Give your vendors your business cards
to hand out (hair dresser, nail salon)
48 Learn a new part of this business
(commercial, vacant land, new construction) —
look for referral opportunities with other agents in
attendance & share business leads

50 Interview people you want to meet to broaden
your sphere of influence
51 Go to charity events and meet new people
52 Mail sports cards/calendars
53 Do a drawing to capture names
54 Create and maintain your website profile;
create a customized website
55 Capture and follow up with internet leads
(follow-up is the key!)
56 Host a networking group yourself (lunch for
eight concept)
57 Maintain your mailing list — always look for
who you can legitimately add to your list!
58 Farm a neighborhood
59 Work out of state referrals
60 Take care of your current clients—ask them
for referrals
61 MySite (automated search program through
MLS) for everyone!
62 Schedule a public speaking opportunity at a
service club
63 Adopt a school—take them treats and pop
by’s, volunteer
64 Prospect in laundromats—usually tenants are
“hanging out” there!
65 Wedding announcements — are they
interested in buying a home?
66 Baby announcements—do they need more
67 Work with attorneys to prospect for divorce
and estate transactions
68 Send holiday cards (not just the “usual” ones
— do “odd” ones)
69 Get a wrap or magnetic sign for your car
(mobile advertisement)
70 Create videos — use to highlight the area or
yourself (link to internet)
71 Host a “house warming” party for your client
after closing — get their friends’ names for your
sphere list
81 Give your business card to your waitress when
you eat out (tip well)
83 Work with people who are retiring or
downsizing (investment advisor or assisted living
84 Pay for the person behind you at the drive
through—give them your card
85 Sponsor something and ask if you can attend
or have a table at the event!
86 Visit with marriage counselors— perhaps they
have clients who can’t reconcile and need to sell?
87 Make a float and participate in the 4th of July
or Christmas parade
88 Host an educational/information session (i.e.
redecorating tips,landscaping ideas, etc.)—”show
& tell” for your clients
89 Walk a neighborhood and put up door hangers

90 Send out a time change postcard
91 Send a Just Listed postcard to a move up
neighborhood (if you don’t have a listing, “borrow
92 Facebook ads
93 Target a niche — condo buyers, horse
property, veterans, 1st time home buyers, etc.
94 Hand out notepads or other “schwag” at a
large open air event like the Arts
Picnic or Farmer’s Market
95 Ask for referrals!
96 Gather testimonials & send to your clients
97 Ask a “busy” agent if you can put your rider on
one of their signs or advertising some of their
98 Buyer “needs” — send postcard to the area
asking for listings
99 Call out-of-area listing agents and see if they
would like some showing help for a referral fee
100 Send “Just Solds” postcard (multiple homes)
to an area to solicit listings
101 Get names from the Chamber and send an erelocation
102 Work garage sales (they’re cleaning up, do
they want to move?)
103 Purchase tickets to an event & offer to your
104 Host a tour of homes (multiple open houses)
105 Teach a class on buying rental property with
a property management company
106 Target kiddie-condo investors @ UNC/
107 Call capture programs (800 numbers)
108 Craigslist leads
109 Talk to car dealers—people qualifying to buy
a car may also qualify to buy a home!
110 Contact HOA management companies for
potential leads
111 Visit with new construction representatives—
sometimes they don’t want to take listings
112 Courts could be a place to prospect—
evictions, probate, divorce, tax liens, and code
113 Partner with a local business and send a
coupon to your sphere of influence
114 Put up information on bulletin boards at
coffee shops or grocery stores
115 Talk to your newspaper or postal carriers
about vacant homes
116 Work in a coffee shop and put up a tent card
that you’ll buy customers a cup of coffee!
117 Meet other Realtors at classes or conventions
and ask for their referrals

9 Tips for Promoting LeadStreet to Your Agents

LeadStreet is Holly Fogel’s passion. That’s because she understands it’s more than a lead-generating system. It’s a tool for recruiting prospects, retaining agents, increasing business and keeping RE/MAX top of mind, says Fogel, a technology trainer with RE/MAX Center in Johns Creek, Ga.

“I’m passionate because it works,” she says. “It’s a complete CRM package; agents can upload their contacts and run their entire business with it.”

Fogel knows it works, in part, because of the large quantity of leads the system delivers. As recent numbers indicate, RE/MAX Associates have received more than 13 million leads – all with no referral fee attached. That’s a huge milestone – and a major draw for top recruits.

“RE/MAX agents who are new to the network are blown away by LeadStreet,” she says. “They can’t believe the number of leads we receive, or that we have a whole system to really nurture those leads from start to finish and through follow-up. It’s just fantastic.”


To maximize the use of LeadStreet in your office, Fogel suggests following these important steps:

1. Promote the use of LeadStreet in conjunction with My Property Finder
Agents should use My Property Finder (formerly known as My Home Finder) to save searches for current clients, past clients, friends, family – every lead that comes in. Those saved searches are then attached to that agent; it enables two-way functionality, and they get to see everything those prospective buyers do on remax.com. If agents can get up to 100 people, that seems to be the tipping point where they get traction and their business goes through the roof.

2. Realize Internet leads are the new sign call
A lot of people used to think that if there’s no fee attached to Internet leads, then there’s less value there. That’s not true. It’s important to drill into agents that an Internet lead is the new sign call – it’s just as good as a phone call. RE/MAX Center has already had 4,458 leads come through the system year-to-date. There aren’t a lot of other companies that provide this many leads for free. For recruiting and retention, that’s huge.

3. Remind agents that LeadStreet stops the need to search elsewhere
Because remax.com is one of the most visited franchise websites, the lead flow that filters down is unbelievable. Agents tell me all the time that LeadStreet has changed their whole business. It’s all in that connectivity piece where they can upload documents to the Dashboard. They can better communicate with consumers and provide them, in real time, access to new listings. Most agents should easily – and I’m saying with very little effort – be able to convert and close a minimum of five leads a year. That can amount to an extra $30,000 to $40,000 in commissions, just from LeadStreet leads.

4. Present LeadStreet as CRM package
It’s a one-stop business tool for your agents, where they can generate leads, manage follow-up programs, enhance their listings and provide a higher level of service to clients. Agents should look at it as an entire CRM package and not just a lead router. If they explore each tab and what can be done, they’ll start to understand the connectivity between their website and their business.

5. Encourage agents to respond quickly
If an agent can respond to a lead – whether by text, a quick voicemail or email – within 15 minutes, they’ll have a much higher conversion rate. But they should never leave a message that says, “Give me a call back.” Agents should always provide a next step. Say, “Sorry I missed you, I’ll try you again at 7 tonight.” That gives agents a to-do item, and when they call back, they’re not harassing the clients; they’re doing what they said they’d do.Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com

6. Instruct your agents to make no assumptions
Just because a prospective client is looking at a rental, it doesn’t mean that’s what they’re going to end up with. An agent in our office took a lead from someone looking to rent, and ended up helping him buy a $292,000 condo. I’ve had four agents this year tell me they’ve had rental leads who turned into buyers. Encourage your agents to maximize LeadStreet – they never know what kind of rewards those unassuming leads might lead to.

7. Voice the need to remain top of mind
If agents save consumer searches, those prospective buyers will receive an email at least once a week, and they’re going to see the agent’s face with relevant properties. They don’t really want conversation; they want to see houses. If every lead that came in was being contacted by a RE/MAX agent a few times a week, the conversion rate would be so much higher.

8. Organize LeadStreet workshops
If you don’t have time to offer LeadStreet training, set up workshops. Agents within your office could meet together to learn on their own. LeadStreet really isn’t difficult, and a My Property Finder account can be set up in fewer than four minutes. There’s a lot of collaboration and cohesiveness within RE/MAX offices, and you should lean into and encourage that.

9. Stress the importance of focusing on the consumer
We have a lot of leads generated through RE/MAX, and if we’re not communicating with the consumer, that hurts our reputation as being the No. 1 brand in the industry. You want your agents to make more money and for your office to do great, but ultimately it’s about taking care of the consumer. It’s about keeping the RE/MAX name out there as the brand with the most outstanding and professional agents who sell the most real estate.

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